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Hyde Hall


The iBASE program is provided through the College of Arts and Sciences located in Hyde Hall.

iBASE: Integrating Business with Arts and Sciences Education

iBASE is designed to provide arts and science students with educational and hands-on business experiences that will improve their marketability and career success. The program builds upon students' foundations in the arts and sciences by adding those marketing, management, and finance skills essential for careers in a variety of fields. Whether planning ahead for the future or gearing up for the current job market, iBASE participants will pursue their careers with greater confidence.

The James S. Kemper Foundation

The iBASE program is funded through a generous grant by the James S. Kemper Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to promote liberal arts education as an ideal preparation for life and work, especially in administration and business. The Foundation supports projects that enable, enhance, or promote connections between liberal arts education and experience in administration and business. The Foundation Trustees contend that undergraduate students should be broadly educated and should major in a liberal arts discipline. They also recognize that various activities and experiences, including off-campus study and internships, enrich students' education and prepare them for careers. Finally, they believe that students should recognize their civic obligations to society.