Athletic Training

After Graduation

AT graduates have an excellent post-graduate placement rate.

Year Number of Graduates Doctor of Physical Therapy Master's Program Traditional Job Setting
2013 15 8 2 4
2012 11 2 4 5
2011 8 6 1 1

Why are our graduates achieving their goals? The UE graduate is more marketable at the time of graduation. The University of Evansville is 1 of 3 schools in the Midwest that offer accredited programs in Athletic Training, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Therefore, UE can offer its students multiple degrees in combination with Athletic Training. Click here to learn more about the UE Physical Therapy programs.

Student Profile

Christina Schmidgall
Golden Valley, Minnesota

When searching for the right college, Christina Schmidgall knew she wanted a school that supported her decision to major in athletic training as well as participate in NCAA Division I sports. "I visited several schools, yet it wasn't until I visited UE that I heard it was possible to do both."

The flexibility of the faculty members and coaches has allowed Christina to meet all of her course work expectations and fulfill her swimming commitments. "I've worked with a high school football team to gain experience with injury evaluation, injury prevention, and rehabilitation and with UE Division I athletes in the athletic training room." Christina was also able to study abroad for a summer and traveled to Prague, the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Israel.

The time spent at UE has made Christina glad she chose to attend. "My professors put so much into their teaching to ensure that their students learn. They want us to be successful." Her experiences outside of class have also changed Christina. "Since coming to UE, I am much more confident. I've gained so much knowledge and developed a point of view. I'm not afraid to share my observations."