Internet Technology

Beyond the Classroom

By the time our students graduate and enter the world of work, they usually feel like they've already been there. Significant, meaningful professional experiences are flagship components of the UE undergraduate curriculum. Through internships, cooperative education, or the extensive project work culminating in the capstone senior design project, our students have worked side by side with professional engineers and computer scientists in true working environments.

Cooperative Education

Students who participate in our co-op plan learn and earn at the same time. They alternate semesters of full-time classroom study with full-time work experience in a professional environment. In all cases, they are compensated for their work, earning part of their college expenses. Within the course of five years, a co-op student will have worked four semesters and studied for eight while earning a degree. Students in all of the college's academic areas are encouraged to participate in the co-op program, including those who study at Harlaxton College, our British campus.


Internships are semester-long, full-time professional work experiences in which students can participate, usually over a summer. Most are paid positions, and students gain valuable work experience while earning money for college.

Recent Co-op and Internship Placements

  • Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • General Electric
  • Duke Energy
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana
  • General Motors
  • Oncology and Hematology Associates
  • Indiana Department of Transportation
  • ATEC
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Indiana Division of Water Resources
  • Patriot Engineering
  • City of Indianapolis
  • PCI Incorporated
  • Kimball International
  • Alcoa

Student Profiles

Jesse Bock
Benton, Kentucky

For Jesse Bock, the University of Evansville's engineering program has been special because of the encouragement she has received from faculty to complete professional and educational activities outside of the classroom. Being a student at UE has allowed Jesse to study abroad, complete an internship, participate in undergraduate research, and offer community service. During her time, Jesse has built an impressive résumé, but more important, she has been able to receive a great education.

"I have received a ton of support and encouragement from the faculty at UE. They are more than willing to help out with project work, assignments, and general class work. I really enjoy the open-door policy that professors adopt. They make themselves readily available to their students in order to give them the best education possible."

Faculty support and encouragement has led Jesse to such outstanding experiences as attending Harlaxton College and working on a high temperature humidity sensor. At Harlaxton she was able to visit many notable locations and see historical artifacts. Her classes and travel allowed Jesse to experience what she was studying while she was in class. Through research with professors, Jesse discovered there is no set recipe to follow. In trying to find answers, she has enhanced her professional, teamwork, time management, budgeting, technical writing, and communication skills. It's easy to see why Jesse wants to give back to her community as a mentor, coach, or volunteer after graduating from UE.

J.R. Carbonell
Saint Charles, Illinois

J.R. Carbonell chose the University of Evansville because it offered him the best chance to be successful both academically and athletically. As an engineering major and NCAA Division I baseball player, he has found that both take a lot of time; but, he's up to the challenge. "Baseball has taught me the importance of effort and teamwork. As an engineering student, I've learned these same characteristics are important in the classroom. To be successful in the engineering program, I've had to be organized and connected to my peers and professors."

J.R. credits much of his academic success to the faculty and students at UE. "Professors have been extremely understanding of my need to balance class work and athletics. All my professors have made themselves available and are understanding of my baseball schedule. Many of my classmates have been helpful as well, such as letting me know what I have missed in class."

After graduation, J.R. is looking for a job that promotes a team atmosphere. He has interned at Exelon Nuclear in Chicago, Illinois, and will have another professional experience this coming summer at Alcoa in Newburgh, Indiana. "I'm confident these internships will help me find the right job and career."