Internet Technology

Course Offerings

IT–120 Introduction to Internet Applications (3 credits)
Introduces basic elements of a standard Web site, the database and the user interface, using Microsoft's Access and FrontPage software. Also covers basic HTML and a brief historical overview of the Internet. Same as Software Application 120. Fall, spring.
IT–251 Basic Web Production (3 credits)
Introduces basic concepts of website development. Utilizes HTML and appropriate text and graphics software applications to build website. Includes overview of basic design, writing, and information architecture principles that apply to website development. Prerequisite: Communication 130 or permission of instructor. Same as Communication 251. Fall, spring.
IT–310 Internet Networking, Hardware and Software Applications (3 credits)
Imparts practical working knowledge of the current topologies for networks and Web server environments.Provides hands-on experience through laboratory work and classroom lectures. Topics include network topology, routing, IP addressing, name resolution, virtual private networks and Web server farm design. Prerequisite:Mathematics 134 or 211 or 221. Fall.
IT–352 Advanced Web and Multimedia Production (3 credits)
Advanced techniques in website development, including concept of dynamic HTML. Includes integration of video and audio as well as working with the Flash application for integrating interactive multimedia elements into website design. Prerequisite: Communication 251. Same as Communication 352. Spring.
IT–444 Information & Technology (3 credits)
Explores the relationship between information and technology and how, together, they function in shaping society and our conceptions of reality. Focuses on the history of information technology, beginning with the invention of writing and ending with the Internet, with a strong emphasis on the role of computers in the arrangement and mediation of information. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of the instructor. Same as Philosophy 444. Fall.
IT–445 Database Management (3 credits)
Introduces basic database topics including data modeling, entity relationship diagramming, database normalization, and proper database design. More advanced topics (including structured query language, transaction management, and concurrency control) covered on a limited basis to demonstrate the challenges organizations face when implementing multi-user databases. Business related topics including data warehouse and electronic commerce covered to give an idea of how databases are used in modern business organizations. Prerequisite: Management 311. Same as Management 445.
IT–490 Information Theory & the Internet (3 credits)
Explores the concepts of information and knowledge,along with their representation, from the perspectives of philosophy, cognitive psychology, computer science (particularly artificial intelligence) and mathematics. This is the senior seminar for the nterdisciplinary program in Internet technology. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Spring.
IT–499 Special Topics in Information Technology (3 credits)
Explores in detail a specific issue in information technology.Specific topic may vary each time the course is taught. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of the instructor.