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Public Health at UE

Students in UE's Public Health program learn about issues that impact population health, global health, environmental health, various other issues, preparing them for careers in the growing generation of public health professionals.


The Nutrition emphasis prepares graduates to promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices among individuals and groups as well as those with special nutritional needs. With the aging of the baby boomers and changing of nutritional needs, there is a great demand for nutritionists. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of Public Health, graduates can pursue diverse career paths. The Nutrition emphasis prepares graduates for rewarding careers as nutritionists, wellness experts, food service managers, lifestyle counselors, weight-loss coaches as well as a number of other careers.

Nutrition Emphasis Courses

  • BIOL-110 Clinical Microbiology (3 credits)
  • CHEM-240 Organic Chemistry I (4 credits)
  • EXSS-320 Nutrition for Performance & Health (3 credits)
  • PH-340 Public Health Nutrition (3 credits)
  • PH-400 Food Science (3 credits)

Public Health Core Courses

  • PH-190 Intro to Public Health (3 credits)
  • PH-195 Global Health Issues (3 credits)
  • PH-301 Epidemiology (3 credits)
  • PH-467 Statistics Appraisal/Evalution (1 credit)
  • PH-488 Internship (1 credit)
  • PH-490 Decision Making in Health Care (1 credit)
  • ES-103 Fundamentals of Environmental Science (3 credits)
  • HE-260 Personal and Community Health (2 credits)
  • NUTR-304 Nutrition Concepts and Controversies (3 credits)

Six hours from the following Courses

  • EDUC-385 Multicultural Understanding (3 credits)
  • GT-401 Biology & Health & Aging (1.5 credits)
  • GT-402 Social Aspects of Aging (1.5 credits)
  • PHIL-121 Introductory Ethics (3 credits)
  • PHIL-316 Environmental Ethics (3 credits)
  • PSYC-229 Social Psychology (3 credits)
  • PT-100 Medical Terminology (1 credits)
  • SOC-230 Social Problems in the Modern World (3 credits)
  • SOC-460 Aging and Society (3 credits)

Required General Education Choices for Public Health Major

  • BIOL-107 General Biology (4 credits)
  • CHEM-118 Principles of Chemistry (4 credits)
  • PSYC-121 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
  • SOC-105 Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)