Office of Publications


We need to receive your paperwork before we can begin work on your job. Please fill out the forms to the best of your knowledge, and we will fill in the rest. The paperwork assures us all that there is an account against which to charge the printing costs and that your vice president or dean is aware of this expense. So, account numbers and appropriate signatures are essential for completed paperwork.

Since we bid the jobs competitively, you do not need to complete the cost sections of the forms. Our production assistant will do that once a printer has been chosen for the job. At your request, we will share this cost with you before placing the job, and you have the option to cancel or adjust the job if it comes in over your budget.

You also do not need to complete the print-specific portions of the copy services request form.

You will need to submit the following:

  1. Marketing Request Form
  2. Copy Services Request (for on-campus Copy Services jobs)
    or a requisition (for off-campus printer jobs)

If you need any help filling out these forms, contact our publications assistant at or 488-2561.