Office of Publications

Getting Started and the Process

Getting Started

Submit the following items to the office:

  1. A completed Marketing Request Form (requested signatures are important)
  2. A Copy Services Request form or a requisition (with signatures)
  3. The text you want printed (in electronic format) if it is new or a sample of the previously printed piece with changes marked directly on it

Important Points to Remember

Plan Ahead. Allow the requested amount of time (see Timetables) for our office to work on your job prior to the date you want the job completed. Your job cannot be done well in a rush, and the University wants each piece to reflect quality.

Ask. If you have any questions, you may set up an appointment with the director of publications to review your job. Call 488-2566 for an appointment.

Submit Your Paperwork. The paperwork you submit is used to bill the cost of printing or photography. We bid jobs competitively to get you the best price and quality.

Assess Your Photography Needs. If you need new photos, a photographer will be hired at your cost.

Going Green

The University of Evansville realizes that operating according to environmentally sound principles not only makes us better global citizens but also improves the reputation of our brand. We can help drive this cause by creating more environmentally friendly printed materials. Traditional printing can have a sizable impact on the environment. Taking advantage of new technologies and best practices with print in order to protect the environment requires a slightly different procedure. We can order paper and work with printers who are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This is shown by having the FSC logo printed on the piece.

If you are interested in printing your job using environmentally responsible material, please inform us when you submit your job.

The Process

Once your job is logged in, we

Edit your submitted text.

Produce an attractive piece using graphic design elements and layout software.

Ensure your piece meets University style and graphic guidelines.

Send you a proof of the job.

This allows you to correct any errors we may have made and to request other minor adjustments if necessary. We allow 24 hours for you to have the proof, look it over, and return it to our office for any revisions. Keep in mind that a delay at this point in the process can add time to your job. Ideally you will only need to see one or two proofs before signing off on the job.

Prepare the job for printing, send it to the printer, and monitor the completion of the job until it is delivered.

Submitting Text, Graphics, and Photos

New Jobs. If it is a new job, submit an electronic version of your text.

Update Jobs. If the job is an update of a piece we previously produced, please mark the updates directly on a sample of the most recent version. If the updates are lengthy (such as completely new paragraphs), supply an electronic copy and indicate where the new text should be placed.

Graphic Submissions. If you have specific graphic requests, please consult with one of the designers when you submit your job. Sometimes graphics and photographs are not of printable quality and the designer needs to evaluate each request individually. Note: Graphics pulled from the Internet are not of printable quality. Remember, many graphics, including those pulled from the Internet, are protected by copyright and thus cannot be reproduced without express permission.

Photography. If it is necessary for you to supply any photos for a job, please use a good camera set to the highest resolution possible. Send the original image. Do not reduce or adjust.

If photographs need to be taken by a professional photographer, please discuss this with the designer as far in advance as possible. New photography is the financial responsibility of the department requesting it.

You must ensure that you have permission to print all graphics and photos you provide for a printed piece. You may b asked for printed verification of this.

Ways to submit electronic text and graphics:

  • File attached to an e-mail, sent to
  • File on a flash drive or CD
  • File on UECommon drive in Everyone folder


  • All text should be in Microsoft Word
  • Graphic and photographs should be saved in .jpg or .eps format at the highest resolution possible

Editing and Proofreading

The editor is responsible for editing all copy to comply with the Editorial Style Guide, which is part of the Integrated Marketing Communication Plan.

Editing includes

  • Rewriting awkward, unclear, inaccurate, and misleading writing
  • Eliminating spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Making needed adjustments in your copy that reflect the University's standard for excellence

The editor also proofreads the piece after each production step. You, the client, serve as the back-up proofreader, so when you receive each proof please take the time to read it carefully for errors.

Printer Estimates

The Office of Publications will determine whether to print jobs on-campus through Copy Services or to send them to an off-campus printer, depending on the requirements of the specific job. If appropriate, our production assistant will bid your job with several local printers, and it will be placed competitively. Please do not call printers yourself, as this often leads to confusion and miscommunication.


Once your job is approved and completed, we take care of sending it to the printer. Jobs copied on campus through Copy Services are usually completed within two to three working days of submission and delivered to your office.

Off-campus printers require a minimum of 10 working days for production. Unless otherwise notified, completed jobs will be delivered to UE's Central Receiving, which will then deliver it to your office.

If the job is to be mailed, be sure to fill out the mailing information section at the bottom of the Publication Request form.


Your printed piece is a reflection of the quality of the University of Evansville. As such, we want to have adequate time to produce and print high quality pieces. Please submit your job to our office allowing ample time for production. Consider the date you would like the finished product in hand and back track on the calendar according to the following guidelines to determine the date you submit the job to the Office of Publications. To establish an accurate delivery date for your publications, talk with the publications staff.

This timeline comprises general guidelines to consider when submitting your job to our office. Please keep in mind there are a variety of factors that can affect your job's production time.

Type of Piece Production Time Allotment
Preprinted shells
Invitations and certificates 3 days - 2 weeks
Business cards and programs 2 - 3 weeks
New design
Programs, forms (carbonless NCR), and business cards 3 - 4 weeks
Flyers and posters 2 - 3 weeks (on campus)
Brochures and newsletters 4 - 8 weeks (depends on size)
Booklets and handbooks 8 - 12 weeks

Production timelines are subject to variation during peak production periods, such as during the summer months.

Other variables that can affect production time include the following:

  • Proofs not returned on time
  • Number of proofs
  • Large quantity for print
  • Complex job (die-cut, binding, etc.)
  • Client out of office/not available (please provide contact person)