University of Evansville


Summer Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR) begins the process for becoming a UE student.

STAR Sessions

Winter 2014, Fall 2014 and Winter 2015

  • Winter STAR 2014 – Friday, January 10;
    * Placement Testing is on Thursday January 9
  • STAR I – Friday, June 20;
    * Placement Testing is on Thursday June 19
  • STAR II – Friday August 22;
    * Placement Testing is on Thursday August 21
  • Winter STAR 2015 – Friday, January 9;
    * Placement Testing is on Thursday, January 8

STAR Registration

After you have made your admission deposit, you will receive a packet of information regarding the STAR program and other very important information.

The STAR packet will include the following:

  • Welcome Letter
  • STAR Reservation RSVP card
  • Housing Registration / Meal Plan Information
  • Student Health Card

The student fee that covers STAR has been included in your admission deposit. There are no fees for parents to attend the STAR sessions unless parents would like to eat lunch on campus. The lunch fee can be paid during the morning registration.