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UE offers students a wide variety of options for on-campus living, with seven residence halls featuring living arrangements to suit each student's needs.

Meals and Flex

Using Meals and Flex Dollars

Café Court is designed as an “All you Care to Eat” operation. When entering Café Court, students will submit their ID to be swiped as a Meal or a Flex Meal Equivalent. They will then proceed into Café Court and select their meal. For in-dining meals, this will constitute any reasonable amount of entrées, sides, beverages, and/or deserts. In the interest of saving waste, we ask that students only select items that they can reasonably eat as an individual during that given meal period. If dining in, no items will be able to be taken out of the dining area.

If students desire to select food from Café Court as a take-out, this should be announced to the checker upon entering Café Court. The checker will provide take-out containers and the student’s ID will be swiped as a Meal or a Flex Meal Equivalent. Take-out containers typically include a partitioned to-go container and beverage cup, plus an optional soup cup. Students can then select items that they can reasonably fit within closed take-out containers and will exit the court area.

At Aces Place and Jazzman’s, students present their dining cards to the cashier after making food selections. Food can be purchased as a meal or with flex dollars in Ace’s Place (Jazzman's only takes flex or cash).

When a card is swiped by the checker, the card is scanned, the account is updated, and the ending balance is displayed on the register. Students may also request a receipt.

Definition of Meals

In Café Court, a meal is considered any reasonable amount of entrées, sides, beverages, and or deserts if dining in. For take-out in Café Court, a meal is considered any reasonable amount of food that can fit within closed take-out containers supplied by the checker.

In Aces Place, a meal is considered a designated combination of an entree, drink and sides. Any unused meals left at the end of each semester are forfeited.

Definition of Flex Dollars

Flex dollars may be used to purchase individual items in Jazzman’s Cafe, Ace’s Place and Cafe Court. They may also be used to purchase a meal.

Flex dollars transfer to the spring semester when a student continues with a meal plan on UE’s home campus. Any unused flex dollars left at the end of the second semester will be forfeited. Flex dollars are nonrefundable when a contract is ended or cancelled.

If a student utilizes all of his or her flex dollars, additional flex dollars can be purchased on the Sodexo Web site or through the dining services office in the lower level of the Ridgway University Center.

Checking your Balance / Adding Flex

Students and parents may check balances and add Flex funds by visiting

To add funds, only the student ID number and a credit/debit card are needed. Adding for a student? Simply select "Quick Revalue" to add funds without logging in. The student must have an existing meal plan to add funds online. Contact the Sodexo office at 812-488-2951 with any questions about the Campus Card Center website.

Using Flex for Papa John’s Pizza

Have your order charged to your Flex Dollars on your UE ID. Campus delivery from the local Papa John's is part of the meal program utilizing flex dollars for lunch and dinner seven days a week from 11am to 11pm. Papa John’s is located just minutes from campus on Weinbach Avenue. Their number is 477-7700.

You must show your Student ID and another photo ID to charge your Flex. Please remember to tip your delivery person!

Note: Meal Plans are not in operation during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, or Easter Break.

Students staying on campus during Fall, Thanksgiving, Easter and Spring Break should plan ahead and obtain food from Aces Place with their Flex to prepare during this time.

During Fall Break, Thanksgiving and Easter Break, students can use their Flex dollars to buy Pizza from the local Papa John’s. (Papa John’s is closed on Thanksgiving Day.)