Announcement of Plan

February 19, 2011

The Board of Trustees for the University of Evansville today adopted a new strategic plan for shaping the institution's direction into the future.

The adoption of "Transforming Tomorrow: Our Students, Our University, Our World" is the culmination of a comprehensive, inclusive, and transparent process that included input from more than 130 people in the University community. Through that process, a steering committee chaired by UE President Thomas A. Kazee crafted statements for the University's identity, vision, and core purpose, as well as seven core goals for the University going forward.

"Since the University of Evansville last crafted a strategic plan five years ago, the higher education landscape has changed significantly," Kazee said. "So in creating this new plan, we felt it was important both to get input from numerous constituencies and to use that input to strengthen our position in higher education as we face the future."

To do that, nine working groups were formed to address an array of areas and issues relevant to the University. Each working group was comprised of faculty members (who constituted about half of the membership of each group), students, staff, administrators, alumni, parents, and members of the UE Board of Trustees.

Each working group was charged with exploring one of the following areas:

  • Academic Program
  • Connections
  • Enrollment
  • Faculty and Staff Development
  • Financial Resources
  • Institutional Identity
  • International
  • Social Responsibility
  • Student Development

The steering committee, chaired by Kazee and including trustees Larry Kremer and Steve Harkness, then took the recommendations of those working groups and crafted the identity statement, vision statement, and core purpose.

They also laid out the seven core goals, which are:

  • To sustain and enrich a curricular and co-curricular experience of exceptional quality and impact.
  • To expand and enrich the University's international programs and engagement to achieve national prominence.
  • To ensure a work environment that honors and values the contributions of all community members and their continuing professional growth.
  • To attract and retain a student body of high academic achievement and personal aspiration.
  • To model and teach social responsibility in the local and global community.
  • To make the world better aware of the distinctive and transformative character of a UE education.
  • To secure the resources necessary to support the University's pursuit of excellence.

The adoption of this plan now sets in motion a process that will begin with the creation of a detailed and concrete implementation plan. That plan will be built around each of the tactics detailed in "Transforming Tomorrow: Our Students, Our University, Our World."

The implementation plan also will allow for flexibility in the plan's action steps as the landscape dictates, Kazee said.

"A strategic plan is, by its nature, a compendium of commitments that must be regularly revisited and adjusted as circumstances dictate," he said. "Accordingly, the implementation process is not only an opportunity to hold ourselves accountable for execution of each aspect of the plan, but to revise and improve it in coming years."

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