Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan for the University of Evansville

Transforming Tomorrow: Our Students, Our University, Our World

The University of Evansville is an independent, academically selective, internationally committed University affiliated with the United Methodist Church that integrates distinctive liberal arts education and dynamic professional programs.
To be an innovative institution of global reach and reputation whose students develop the knowledge and skills, vision and wisdom to lead and to serve.
Core Purpose
To provide students with life transforming educational experiences that prepare them to engage the world as informed, ethical, and productive citizens.


The University of Evansville's strategic plan affirms our mission. Our students are educated broadly by a talented and dedicated faculty in a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts, ensuring broad exposure to the sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences. Students have the opportunity to study in a variety of fields, from those traditionally associated with the liberal arts to various professional fields. They are challenged to develop international awareness and engagement. Moreover, their personal development is supported and stimulated by a rich array of co-curricular programs and activities. This mission is as relevant today as it was 157 years ago - perhaps more so, as our students prepare to navigate a dynamic and complex world.

Such a mission, in short, is one of transformation. Our students are transformed by their experience at the University, as they become better able to comprehend the world and their role in it. This intellectual and personal growth enables our graduates to become agents of transformation as they move into their local, regional, national, and international communities. A truly successful plan, of course, initiates yet another transformation — that is, of the institution itself. Transforming Tomorrow: Our Students, Our University, Our World thus aims to make the University an even more remarkable place than it is today and, as a consequence, enhance our ability to graduate students who will engage the world as informed, ethical, and productive citizens.

Summary of Core Goals

Transforming Tomorrow: Our Students, Our University, Our World is built around seven Core Goals central to the accomplishment of our overall institutional objectives. Each goal is supported by a series of Action Steps to be taken upon adoption of the plan by the Board of Trustees.

The University's Core Goals are:

  1. To sustain and enrich a curricular and co-curricular experience of exceptional quality and impact
  2. To expand and enrich the University's international programs and engagement to achieve national prominence
  3. To ensure a work environment that honors and values the contributions of all community members and their continuing professional growth
  4. To attract and retain a student body of high academic achievement and personal aspiration
  5. To model and teach social responsibility in the local and global community
  6. To make the world better aware of the distinctive and transformative character of a UE education
  7. To secure the resources necessary to support the University's pursuit of excellence

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