Colin Johnson



Class Year: 2025


Colin joined the Army in March of 2015 to become a combat medic and served until 2022. Initially serving at Fort Hood in Texas, that is where his love for medicine blossomed. Colin then took the next step in medical journey by getting the opportunity to become a Critical Care Flight Paramedic. After years of rigorous training at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, Colin and his family moved to Camp Humphreys, South Korea, where he perfected his craft at treating critically injured patients in the back of the helicopter. After serving in South Korea, Colin and his family relocated to Evansville to be closer to family.

Why did you choose UE?

Upon researching prospective schools in the area, I routinely saw that UE was at the top of the list for class size and veteran support. Both of these things are highly regarded due to my past college attempts where I felt like I was a number rather than a student wanting to enter the workforce. The professors here are amazing in the sense that they are more than willing to answer questions and generally want to help and see you succeed. The Yellow Ribbon Program that UE offers is an incredible opportunity to get a top-notch education at zero cost to the veteran. I am and will be forever grateful for the affordable education that UE has provided for me and other veterans.