Arthur Lorente

International Admission Counselor & Communication Specialist

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Majors: Business Management, Marketing
  • University of Evansville

Contact me

I was born and raised in Brazil and came to the United States to pursue my education at the University of Evansville. Here, I was able to truly find a home away from home. If I am not at work, you will probably find me either hanging with my friends, playing guitar, or trying to learn something new. If you are a soccer fan we will definitely have a lot to talk about, but don’t let my nationality fool you: I am probably the worst soccer player that you will ever know.

“Eppur si muove!” Galileo Galilei

Admission Advice

Do all the research you can and ask all the questions you can – don’t be shy. You will come to find that the most important thing is that the universities you are looking at should be a good fit for your personality!

Why UE?

I came to UE for a good scholarship and stayed for its very unique community. I truly feel like I am part of a family, and my international friends never let me forget that I am not alone. On top of that, I have never seen an institution with so many helpful, friendly people that actually cared for my education and career development.

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Arthur Lorente


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