Academic Advising

The Center for Academic Advising offers free academic support services, including tutoring and supplemental instruction.

Academic Support Services

A Mission Of Learning

At the University of Evansville we are dedicated to active learning and scholarship. Our highest priorities are the educational needs and interests of our students. Through free academic support services, we offer students resources to realize their highest potential.

  • The Center for Academic Advising is the central headquarters for all academic concerns. The Center for Academic Advising offers assistance with major and advisor changes, graduation checklists, undeclared majors, and other academic matters. Call 812-488-2605 for more information.
  • The Student Early Alert System is a mechanism to identify student issues early and allow all University employees to submit a web-based alert as well as monitor previously-issued alerts. This is an interactive tool supported by Academic Advising and the Student Success Team to intervene as necessary. By issuing an alert and identifying a student who is having academic or personal difficulty, University resources are directed to the student to enable his/her success. Call 812-488-2605 for more information.
  • Faculty advisors, with the support of the Center for Academic Advising, work closely with students to help them make wise choices regarding their academic career. Faculty advisors assist students in making intelligent decisions about courses, registration, and research or extracurricular opportunities. Call 812-488-2605 for more information.
  • The Major Discovery Program is a faculty-led initiative for undeclared students to receive resources and expertise to assist them in ‘discovering’ an academic path at the University of Evansville. In an ever-changing world, entering UE as an undeclared major is not only a wonderful opportunity, it is a great idea! Call 812-488-1344 or visit for more information.
  • Tutoring in many subjects is free to all University of Evansville students through the Center for Academic Advising. Call 812-488-2606 for more information.
  • Supplemental instruction (SI) is offered for several of our traditionally challenging courses. SI involves peer-facilitated study sessions led by students who have taken the course before and have done exceptionally well. SI creates a collaborative learning environment where students can compare notes, hold discussions, and predict test questions. Call 812-488-2606 for more information.
  • The Writing Center is an invaluable resource to all UE students. Many elements of the University of Evansville’s core curriculum are writing-intensive. Writing Center mentors are available to help students with every step of the writing process from brainstorming to editing. Call 812-488-2391 for more information.
  • Research and reference assistance are offered by the University Libraries. Utilizing the expertise of librarians, students are assisted in finding online and print materials, taught the fundamentals of being savvy "information consumers,” and encouraged to discover resources for academic majors. Call 812-488-2482 or visit for more information.
  • Academic counseling is available through the Office of Counseling Services to aid students in study skills, stress management, test anxiety, and time management. Call 812-488-2663 for more information.
  • Special academic accommodations can be made through the Office of Counseling Services for students with properly documented special needs or disabilities. Call 812-488-2663 for more information.
  • The Center for Career Development provides a host of programs such as individual career and major advisement to assist students in the various stages of their college career – from the freshman to the senior year and beyond. Students exploring their major options can benefit from individual appointments, career-related assessments, and web resources to identify interests, skills, and corresponding career paths. Call 812-488-1083 or visit their website for more information.