Magic Mystic Manor

To the tune of "Bobby Shafto"
Words by Bob Brownlow, Harlaxton Advisory Council Member

Evansville at Harlaxton
Now out quarter century's done
Let's celebrate- have some fun
Magic mystic manor

Gregory the master planner
Has united in his manor
Lincolnshire and Indiana
Magic mystic manor

Mrs. Van Der Elst in Gloom
Held séances in her room
Harlaxton was close to doom
Magic mystic manor

Budding Jesuits on trial
never ran the naked mile
now the ancient stones can smile
magic mystic manor

ethereal palace on the hill
triumph of the craftsmen's skill
built by Gregory, bought by Bill
Magic mystic manor

Gilded ceilings, marble floors
Cedar staircase, ornate doors
Now they serve out students cause
Magic mystic manor

Yes a quarter century's gone
Americans and Brits as one
Three loud cheers for Harlaxton
Magic mystic manor