Legacy Scholarships

Metcalfe Family

The Metcalfe family has a strong legacy of UE graduates. Pictured in the front row L to R: Kim Metcalfe ‘11, Tom Metcalfe ‘49, Mallory (Metcalfe) Schultz ‘08. Back Row L to R: Randy Metcalfe ‘79, Ron Metcalfe ‘79, Cathy (Kachelein) Metcalfe ‘79, Debbie (Grote) Metcalfe ‘79, Jim Metcalfe ‘78, Mike Schultz ‘09

Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of UE graduates who are admitted to UE will be offered a Legacy Award as part of their UE Annual Scholarship not to exceed full tuition cost. For more information about financial aid opportunities, visit the Financial Aid area of our website.

Alumni are encouraged to refer prospective students to UE. If you know a student who you think would fit well at UE, please use the Alumni Referral form to let us know about him or her.

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