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Speed Networking Events

Speed networking is an effective and enjoyable way for employers to meet a variety of students in an efficient setting. Organizations can make more quality connections in this type of event than by using any other method. This format allows employers to inform students about their organizations in a quick but intimate setting, and to expose potential interns or employees to a taste of the company's culture and mission.

Upcoming Events

The next Engineering Speed Networking Event will be held Fall 2016.

Engineering Speed Networking
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Eykamp Hall, Ridgway University Center
University of Evansville Campus
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How it works

Our speed networking format is set up as a series of mini meetings between employer representatives and groups of three students (at a maximum). Each organization has its own table and remains there throughout the event; the groups of students rotate in a sequential process after five to 10 minutes, depending on attendance. The event itself will not exceed 100 minutes. If there are students who have not had the opportunity to meet with a certain organization during the networking portion, they are urged to do so during an informal reception at the conclusion of the event.

Benefits from a Speed Networking Event

  • See how potential candidates assert themselves in social business settings.
  • Observe interactions between potential candidates and company staff.
  • Gain informal information about a candidate prior to a formal interview.
  • Evaluate a candidate's ability to manage and maneuver social situations that a have business focus.
  • Review candidate's business etiquette, professional communication and protocol.
  • Critically examine candidate's table manners and comfort level when faced with unfamiliar situations.
  • Meeting and screening a relatively large number of potential candidates in a short time.