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30 Second Oral Résumé


It is important to practice and ready your 30 second oral résumé as a response for the ever-present question, “Tell me about yourself.”  Whether the question is asked in a social setting, an interview, or a networking event, a well-planned answer can set you apart from the crowd as well as spark additional conversation with the questioner.  Begin preparing your oral résumé by following the tips below.


  • Begin by brainstorming what you would want someone to know about you.  Write down all of your ideas.
  • Consider including the following information in your oral résumé:
    • Job Objective
    • Education and Training
    • Skills
    • Accomplishments and Achievements
    • Prior Employment
    • Other Experience
  • Narrow down your options—pick the top 5 things you want the questioner to know about you.
  • Develop a paragraph that encompasses all of the things you wish to say.
  • Practice makes perfect!  Read aloud your résumé several times.


  • Prepare more than one oral résumé for various situations
  • Practice your résumé by calling your voicemail and later playing back the message—think about how it sounds and what you would like to change
  • Make sure that your oral résumé will keep the reader’s attention

Oral Resume Image

Example 1

"Hi, my name is Joe Smith and I am a junior at the University of Evansville, majoring in mass communications.  I am looking for an internship experience in technical writing at a local news station.  Through my coursework, I have developed strong computer and analytical skills.  While a staff writer at the University’s newspaper, The Crescent, I won the award for “Best Feature Article” in Indiana.  My piece was also submitted nationally, where I was granted 3rd place.  Last summer I worked as an intern at the Evansville Courier & Press to gain experience with print media.  At the Courier & Press, I worked with the copy editor as well as the writing staff to gain perspective for both fields."

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