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UE’s Center for Career Development works one-on-one with you to help you discover and achieve your career goals.

Success Stories

We are pleased to provide the results of the career status of our class of 2015; 94 percent of UE graduates were professionally employed or in graduate school within months of graduation.

Report on the Careers of the Class of 2015

As a UE student, you have access to the same outstanding education and career resources that have led our alumni to such a tremendous success rate. Click each alumni's name below to read their success story.

Alissa Fricke

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Throughout my four years at UE, I knew I needed to focus on one crucial period. I was preparing for my senior year when I would be applying my skills and marketing myself as a full-time job candidate.

I took the advice that many had given me and made my first appointment with career services early in my freshman year. Through meetings with several counselors and use of the Career Guide and other online resources, I wrote my first cover letter and resume. My resume started out with activities from high school and has now grown into a dynamic list of internships and professional activities. After using the interview skills I learned from mock interviews, professional networking events and seminars, I gained confidence to succeed at networking and interviews. UE JobLink, Career Service’s online portal, was always my first place to check job listings. My internships at Haynie Travel, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Vectren Corporation and Mission Guatemala all came out of referrals from Career Services.

Making the choice to start my career preparation at year one was one the best decisions I have ever made. When it came time to apply for jobs, I landed interviews and had choices because I had a plan and took action early on. I am now employed within my field of study as business development manager at Weaver, Dalton & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. I love my job and couldn’t be happier!

Alissa Fricke '12
Business Development Manager, Weaver, Dalton & Associates

Anna Ziemak

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My name is Anna Ziemak and I am a rising senior at the University of Evansville. I came to the University as a transfering sophomore. Upon arriving to UE I only knew one person and no one else. This was a chance for me to have a fresh start and meet entirely new people. On one of my first days I went up to Career Services to enquire about a babysitting job. Little did I know that I would meet and form some of the best relationships of my college career. I first met Diane, who is the secretary of Career Services, and she sat and talked with me for quite sometime. She not only helped me line up babysitting jobs but helped me become informed with students organizations, talked with me about my homesickness and much more. I then later met and worked with Linda Wulf. Linda has helped me grow not only professionally but as a person as well. She has helped me make my resume the best it can be and has given me so much real world advice to apply to my future. These are only samplings of what Career Services has done for me at UE. With the help of the team at Career Services I was given the opportunity of an internship with Nordstrom this summer. Through this internship I have learned so much about the business world. The team at Career Services are not only mentors but have turned into people that I can always rely on. I am so blessed and thankful that I have met them and been able to work with them throughout my years at the University of Evansville.

Ashley Rojan

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Going into my junior year I knew it was time to start thinking about internships and career opportunities that will help me make connections to professionals in my field post-graduation. I knew that updating my resume and references was the first step in applying for potential internships. On my own I created a rough draft of a resume with different positions I have held and previous experiences that would correlate with the type of internships I was looking at. Needless to say, it was a very rough draft of a resume.

Once I completed my rough draft I brought it into the Career Services Center to seek their expertise. After just one session my resume greatly improved in format and content. The staff at the Career Services Center is friendly, helpful and very skilled in their profession. Since there was so much work to be done on my resume to make it ready for applications I was able to make more corrections to it and communicate with my Career counselor via email. She was always willing to go above and beyond to help me and always replied with corrections within the next day. After meeting with her once more to edit a cover letter for a position I was applying for, I finally felt that I had created a resume and cover letter worthy of sending out to future employers.

For the summer of 2012, before my senior year, I applied for a Student Athletic Training Intern position with the Seattle Storm, a WNBA team. After sending in my resume, cover letter and references I was granted a phone interview. The first thing my interviewer said to me was what an impressive resume I had. I couldn’t help think in the back of my mind that it was all due to the hard work and dedication of the staff at the Career Services Center. After the interview I was granted the position. Working with the Seattle Storm is a dream come true, because working in professional sports is a career that I would enjoy post-graduation. Not only have I been able to work with the best women’s basketball players in the country, I was also able to work with four Women’s Basketball Olympic teams, including the USA, and their Athletic Trainers while they were in Seattle preparing for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Ava Schwalb

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Joining the alumni-mentoring program was one of the best decisions that I ever made. It has been a great way to network in my profession and get insights from a young person that I can relate to. Your mentor can be a great resource to get information about recruiting policies and to help you prepare for interviews. My mentor, Derrick Waggler, of Ernst & Young has been invaluable to me in starting my career.

We built a lasting relationship through our phone and email conversations, despite his distance. He has stayed with me through my graduate school experience and ultimately helped to orchestrate my joining Ernst & Young later this year. This is a phenomenal start to my career which I believe may not have been possible without the connections I built in the mentoring program.

During my conversations with Derrick I have become much more familiar with the professional world and its expectations. He helped me understand what firms in my industry are really looking for and frame some of the information about myself in a way that highlights those qualities. We hear about this information from Career Services and our professors but having an insider is really important as needs are constantly changing.

Whether you are looking for a new way to get involved on campus or a first time adventure into your career path, the Alumni-mentor program is an amazing way to get your foot in the door and learn from someone who was in your position not so long ago.

David Goldenberg

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My experience with the Office of Career Services started with what I thought was a mandatory course before working an internship; EXED 090. Little did I know this was the best course I would take during my undergraduate career at the University of Evansville. The main reason I feel this is true was the availability of the Do What You Are personality assessment that was undertaken by myself and fellow classmates. That assessment identified my strengths and weaknesses and explained my behavior under certain situations. I was blown away by this and continued to do my own research into my personality type. Armed with the knowledge of my personality profile as an ISTJ, I could now focus on developing my strengths while always being ever-knowing of my weaknesses and how I could improve them. This assessment allowed me to do some self-reflection and understand myself better which was a catalyst that set off a chain of events that would help me become President of my Fraternity, Vice President of IFC (Inter-Fraternity Council) as well as communicate and handle situations with fraternity brothers, students, and coworkers more effectively. I've since passed the EIT and am employed full time at Three I Design after receiving several offers of employment.

I have always found great help from career services when it comes to updating my resume. Be it a new position on campus, an internship experience, or recognition of achievement, career services has helped me add them to my resume in an efficient visually appealing manner. I continue to use their resume services as an alumnus to this day.

Though I only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services that career services can provide, I do know that any undergraduate, graduate, or alumni who do not take advantage of the staff and their help are putting themselves at a disadvantage. In today’s competitive economy, it is a buyers’ market. Let career services help you market your brand and the value you can add to the world.

David Goldenberg '12, EIT, LEED GA
Three i Design

Ryan Cramer

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Career Services at the University of Evansville has given me many qualities and skills that were very beneficial in helping me choose my career path. In my four years at UE, I've utilized many of the department's resources such as building my résumé and cover letter, attended mock interview sessions and took advantage of internship search resources. After going to many of these events, I feel more confident and prepared for the corporate world. Due to all of this experience, I was able to achieve multiple internships at the UE, WNIN, Daniel Burton and Dean and a full-time position at the Courier and Press. I can't thank the people in Career Services enough for all they have done for me and my career so far. I know if I ever needed help again, they would be there to help any way they could.

Theadora Kotsiou

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Throughout my years at the University of Evansville I have utilized the exceptional resources of the Career Services Department. They have been very helpful in many areas all across the board, especially when it comes to finding an internship that best suits your needs. Initially, Career Services guided me towards internships that they believed will benefit me for my future endeavors, and then further more went on to help me with resumes and cover letters in order to display my skills in the best way possible.

Internships play a major role in securing hands on and networking experience, which will hopefully create job opportunities for me in my future. I have worked personally with Linda Wulf, who has spent endless hours supporting me in making sure that I secure the right internship, and at the most suitable company. Fortunately enough the summer of my junior year I applied for an internship in Chicago at Burns Entertainment and Sport Marketing. Burns is a company that has been the industry leader for over 40 years, linking entertainment, sports and music properties with top brands in every category. I was selected to go on to the next step of the interview process, which was a phone interview. There is not doubt that without the help of Career Services, preparing me for my interview and initial application, none of this would have been possible. I was selected for the summer to participate in the internship program, which was a true honor considering only 6 interns were selected.

Coming from Australia I have been extremely impressed with the support and attention to detail that has been offered to me from the University's Career Services Department. I recommend their services and will always be appreciative of all of the help that has been given to me over the 3 years that I have attended the University. Career Services has not only allowed me to achieve my goals by pointing me in the right direction, they have gone above and beyond to make sure that experiences at my internships are enjoyable and memorable for many years to come.

Tim Cochren

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As a freshman at the University of Evansville, I had no idea how to craft a basic resume let alone one that would impress an array of future employers. The staff of the Office of Career Services provided great assistance in helping me organize and create a professional resume that would lead to a number of interviews and internship opportunities. Their help did not stop with my resume, but they also provided me with aid in writing my personal statement to law schools and numerous mock interviews, which allowed me to walk into real interviews with a sense of confidence that was contagious. I am very lucky to be graduating from the University of Evansville with a full-time job offer and a generous scholarship to the Robert H. McKinney School of Law and I am confident Linda and the rest of the career services staff played an integral part in my success.

Whitney Cohen

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As a result of Career Services’ Experiential Education program, Whitney was able to secure two paid internships during her junior and senior years. While serving as the Harlaxton Communication Intern in the Office of Study Abroad, she gained valuable international education experience and was able to collaborate on new projects with the Harlaxton College Office staff at UE. In addition, she put her Communications minor to excellent use as the Marketing Specialist for the Writing Center at UE.

In order to create a polished resume that effectively portrayed her wide variety of academic and co-curricular experiences, Whitney turned to Career Services. There, with the help of numerous advisors, she created a professional resume, curriculum vitae, and several cover letters. These resources proved invaluable in her graduate school and summer job search.

Whitney is currently working for FLS International in Los Angeles, California before beginning graduate school at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. At SIT she will continue the international theme she began at UE by studying Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management.