UE Global Friends & Families

The UE Global Friends & Families Program, coordinated by the Office of Cultural Engagement and International Services at the University of Evansville, matches families with international students for intercultural communication and understanding for all involved. International students spend long periods of time away from their homes and families, and the Global Friends & Families Program is designed to provide them with an additional support system in which they can also experience another facet of American culture.

It is estimated that approximately 75% of international students never enter an American family home while visiting the United States. Participating is easy – invite your student into your everyday, ordinary life. Students want to experience true American culture through a meal around your table, the stands of your child’s soccer game, or simply a conversation over a cup of coffee. Plus, we’ll provide you with ideas along the way.

The Global Friends & Families Program is not a home-stay program, and matches will vary in length due to differing academic programs offered for international students. If this is something that interests you and your family, please fill out a Family Interest form. This is a great way to extend some Hoosier hospitality while learning a bit about our amazing, global community. You can email any questions to internationalstudent@evansville.edu.

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