Fellow Scholarship Program Partner School Information

  1. Each partner school may nominate up to three students to apply. Students should come from underrepresented racial and ethnic populations, meet the general eligibility requirements, and be a fit for the selection criteria as described in the overview of the Fellow Scholar Program.
  2. Nominations should be sent to Emily Wilderman, assistant to the vice president of enrollment and marketing, at mr410@evansville.edu by Friday, December 20, 2019. Please provide name and email of student.
  3. Instructions will be provided to nominees about the application process. There is no fee for application.
  4. Completed applications must be received by Wednesday, January 15, 2020 to be considered for the program and moved on to the panel interview phase. Although financial need is not a requirement, students are also required to complete and submit a FAFSA and include our school code (001795) on it.
  5. All nominees who are admitted will be invited to visit the University of Evansville campus for Road Trip on February 21-23 and to engage in a panel interview consisting of strategic UE personnel. Transportation will be provided free of charge, and the fee for the Road Trip program will be waived.
  6. The interview will focus on the candidate’s ability to articulate characteristics related to:
    • Grit and resilience
    • Passion, motivation, and drive to make positive change at school, in the community, or in the world
    • Creative problem-solving
    • A willingness to take risks and learn from doing
  7. Offers will be extended by March 1, and students will have until May 1 to accept the offer.
  8. If you have questions, contact Jill Griffin PhD, interim vice president of enrollment and marketing, at jg121@evansville.edu or 812-488-2474.
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