Advisory Board

  • Dr. Michael Roscoe, Director, Physician Assistant Program
  • Ms. Mary Kessler, Dean, College of Education and Health Sciences
  • Dr. William Stroube, Chair, School of Health Sciences; Director, Health Services Administration
  • Mr. Jim Martin, Accreditation Specialist, National Commission on Correctional Health Care, Adjunct Professor
  • Mr. Fred Cox, University of Evansville Adjunct Professor
  • Dr. Kristy Miller, Department Chair, Chemistry
  • Dr. Sharon Gieselman, Department Chair, Education
  • Ms. Johnna Denning-Smith, Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs, Adjunct Professor
  • Dr. Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi, Associate Professor, School of Public Health
  • Mr. Scott Wylie, Director of the Vanderburgh Community Foundation, Adjunct Professor
  • Mr. Jim Heck Executive, Director, Grow Southwest Indiana Workforce Board
  • Ms. Leslie Barton, Instructional Technologist, Center for Advancement of Learning
  • Ms. Jennifer Briggs, Registrar, University of Evansville

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Office Location:
Room 311, Graves Hall

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CDT