Bachelor of Science or Art in Individualized Study

Adults who have completed college-level course work, and want to complete their degree, may find what they're looking for in our Bachelor of Science or Art in Individualized Study program.

The program, which is designed primarily for adults who have earned 80-100 credit hours, allows those students to develop an individualized curriculum that will both take maximum advantage of those prior credits and provide the education needed to meet life and career goals. This non-traditional degree program is aimed at adults who:

  • Have earned 80-100 college credits from regionally accredited institutions
  • Desire a major field of concentration not offered in any traditional degree in the geographical area, or
  • Have successfully completed college courses at the University of Evansville and/or a number of other accredited institutions which are not applicable toward a traditional degree, or
  • Would like to apply for college credit for college level learning which did not occur in a college or university setting.
  • Financial aid is available for the Bachelor of Science or Art in Individualized Study program.

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