Positive Psychology Class

The best is yet to come….in you, in us, in the world.

The University of Evansville Center for the Advancement of Learning has partnered with Happy Matters Inc. to provide a unique opportunity to the community.

Join instructor, Jeff Stucke, to gain a thorough understanding of the nature and practices of happiness that will increase your overall sense of well-being. Happy Matters Inc. provides the research-based strategies to raise every outcome you seek to improve including increased productivity, engagement, and overall performance.

Psychology has traditionally focused on what is “wrong” with people – anxiety, depression, obsessions, etc. Positive psychology focuses on what is “right” – the conditions that allow people to flourish. Join us on a journey to experience all that happiness is. A commitment to make small changes will produce some amazing results!

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Happy Matters

Jeff Stucke

Modern ideas of happiness seem to have reduced this vital human experience to something that implies the seeking and experience of pleasure. Is there more?

For questions contact UE’s Center for the Advancement of Learning at 812-488-2981 or cal@evansville.edu. You can also learn more about Happy Matters Inc. by visiting whyhappymatters.com.

“Individuals hold the power to experience everyday happiness despite personal circumstances. Exercising gratitude and practicing relaxation techniques have allowed me to experience true joyfulness and happiness, and to ‘live in the moment’ so that I can experience life through an empowered, peaceful, and resilient fashion. I am extremely grateful for the Happy Matters team…their knowledge, expertise, and craving to share this with others in our community so that we can all experience true happiness!” Holly Boeke
Manager, Health and Welfare Plans, Vectren Corporation

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