Changemaker Examples

Academic Courses and Programs Related to Changemaking

  • Ethics and Social Change Major
  • Related Courses
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Introduction to Ethics
    • Social Justice Movements
    • Complex Systems and Social Change
    • Social Change Field Experience
    • Ethics and Social Change
    • FYS: Transformative Action
  • PSA student grant writing

Events Related to Changemaking


  • Upgrade Bike Share

Spaces for Changemaking

Changemaker Projects

Organizations doing Changemaking

Changemaker Challenge Winners

UE High School Changemaker Challenge winners, Mater Dei students Michaela Kunkler, Austin Bowen, and Noah Harrison, present their idea to the Rotary Club of Evansville.

Bike Share press conference

UE and Central High School students at Bike Share press conference. These students were members of the Changemaker Challenge and ChangeLab teams that helped drive the creation of the Bike Share project in Evansville.

UE President Dr Kazee in polar bear costume

Former UE president Tom Kazee dressed as a polar bear after the Alternative Energy ChangeLab team initiated a program that saved electricity for the University.

Incubator plan drawing

UE’s Changemaker Incubator

Mission ChangeLab team

Mission Guatemala ChangeLab team works with Guatemalan locals on the creation of handmade cards to help sustain a substance abuse treatment center.

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