Commencement Day

Baccalaureate Ceremony

  • at 3:00 p.m.
  • Please see Baccalaureate Service section for more information.


  • Students should arrive at the Carson Center Small Gym no later than 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 12, 2019.
  • Find your correct line based on the number sent by email earlier in the week.
  • Be sure to check in with your Line Marshal to receive your Name Card and any last minute instructions.

Gonfalon Carriers

  • If you are a gonfalon carrier for the Processional, please show up to your line first.
  • You will receive instructions from your Line Marshal regarding where to get in line to cross the stage and receive your diploma cover.

The Ceremony

  • Please put your cell phones on silent before you enter the Meeks Family Fieldhouse.
  • Tassels should be kept on the right side of the caps during the ceremony.
  • We ask men to remove their caps for the Invocation and put them back on for the Conferring of Degrees. Woman may wear their caps throughout the ceremony.
  • When Dr. Michael Austin says: “Mr. President, I have the pleasure of presenting to you candidates for degrees,” all candidates should stand and remain standing while the president confers the degrees.
  • A Marshal will direct the first row of candidates to move forward to the platform and the remaining rows should be seated.
  • Each row will be directed to the platform in turn, and a Marshal will gather students’ Name Cards to be read by the Dean.
  • When your name is called, move forward, accept your diploma cover with your left hand, and shake hands with the president with your right hand.
  • Cross the platform to the other side and return to your seat as directed by a Marshal.
  • We ask men to remove their cap for the Benediction, conducted by Reverend Tamara Gieselman at the end of the ceremony.
  • After the Benediction, a Marshal will lead all graduates back to the Small Gym.


  • A professional photographer from GradImages will take a photograph of each student as they receive their diploma cover.
  • GradImages will send proofs to students in the following weeks for any photograph orders.
  • Additional information is available at GradImages or call 1-800-261-2576.

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Event Location:
Meeks Family Fieldhouse, Carson Center, UE Campus