Update - September 29, 2020

Fall Final Exams will be Entirely Online

Dear UE Community,

When we began the Fall Semester this year, we held open the possibilities of either returning to campus after Thanksgiving Break for in-person final examinations or conducting finals entirely online. We wanted to leave both possibilities open because we were not sure how the COVID-19 situation would develop both locally and nationally. We have now determined that the health and safety of our campus community will be best served by moving final exams and remaining coursework and activities entirely to online platforms.

We reached this decision by examining the most recent data about the progress of COVID-19. The best information that we have now suggests that the virus will continue to threaten communities across the nation and that, as the weather becomes colder and flu season arrives, cases will continue to spike. Based on this information, the Coronavirus Task Force has recommended that we move all final examinations to an online format.

Because many of our students may need access to campus facilities--such as labs, campus computers, and library resources--campus will be open after Thanksgiving break from Monday, November 30 through Wednesday, December 9. During this time, students will be able to access their rooms, the dining hall, and other campus resources. Students who elect not to return to campus after the Thanksgiving break will be able to conduct all of their remaining coursework and activities including finals online.

Michael Austin
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
University of Evansville

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