Update - March 30, 2022

Upcoming Changes to COVID-19 Guidelines

Dear campus community,

Our Coronavirus Task Force recently established a subcommittee focused on campus recovery and progress towards a “new normal.” In the past couple of weeks, we lifted our mask mandate and removed restrictions for indoor events. As we now enter the month of April, we will continue with these recovery steps and introduce additional changes to our guidelines. Below is a timeline for these steps.

  • Beginning Monday, April 4, we will no longer conduct random COVID-19 testing for either students or employees.
  • Beginning Monday, April 4, UE will no longer conduct contact tracing for students. Students will have the responsibility to inform close contacts should they begin to experience symptoms and/or test positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing will continue for employees, however, as it is currently part of OSHA requirements.
  • On Monday, April 11, UE will remove the COVID-19 dashboard from the Coronavirus webpage. For over a year now, we have reflected new and active cases among our campus community, and the numbers were updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cases have remained very low for several weeks, and with the University no longer conducting contact tracing for students, we no longer need to display the dashboard.
  • On Monday, April 11, we will remove the COVID-19 emergency banner from our website. This red ribbon has been displayed at the top of our webpage since the beginning of the pandemic, but with the removal of our guidelines, it no longer needs to be displayed. You can still access the Coronavirus webpage at any time by clicking the orange button at the bottom of our website.

This subcommittee will continue to navigate our recovery and keep the campus community informed of future changes. We thank you for your patience as we move forward and face the future unafraid.


Coronavirus Task Force

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