Disability Services for Current Students

Students currently enrolled at the University of Evansville who would like information about receiving reasonable accommodations based on a documented disability, should contact the Disability Services Office at (812) 488-2663 for an appointment.


Procedures to Establish Eligibility

Students who wish to request accommodations must establish eligibility by providing appropriate written documentation of the disability to the Office of Counseling Services, located within the Student Life area on the 2nd floor of the Ridgway University Center. The documentation should include an evaluation by an appropriately licensed healthcare provider. Some examples of such persons are physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists. The documentation should clearly state a diagnosis and makes evident the current impact of the disability as it relates to the accommodations requested. Often this documentation can be forwarded from the student's high school.

Each student should schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor/disability service provider (812-488-2663) for an individual consultation. During the consultation, the counselor and student discuss the current impact of the disability in the academic setting. After reviewing the student's medical and/or diagnostic records and meeting with the student, the counselor determines appropriate services and reasonable academic accommodations. The medical records and disability documentation will be maintained in the Office of Counseling Services.

Procedures for Communicating with Faculty

If the student chooses to receive recommended services that require assistance from an instructor or other staff member, a release form signed by the student will allow the Disability Services counselor to inform the necessary faculty members about the student's disability. The counselor will be responsible for notifying each professor in writing about the student's approved accommodations as well as offering assistance to implement the accommodations if necessary.

After meeting with a Disability Services Counselor it is the student's responsibility to request the accommodations from individual professors as needed. The student should make an appointment with each professor to discuss the accommodations that are needed for that particular class, and to verify that the professor has received the accommodation letter. The student should give the professor two weeks advance notice of accommodation needs to allow adequate time for the professor to make arrangements.

Procedural Difficulties with Accommodation Requests

The professor is only required to make available the accommodations that are delineated within the accommodation letter issued by the Office of Counseling Services. If students or faculty have difficulty with specific accommodation needs, the counselor should be contacted for assistance. If, as the semester progresses, the student feels additional accommodations are warranted, the student should consult with the counselor to discuss other support services or options.

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