Located on the second floor of the Ridgway University Center, the Office of Counseling and Health Education assists all students with both physical and mental health issues to help them succeed in college and in life.

The Office of Counseling and Health Education’s website provides numerous resources, including e-CHUG, an alcohol self-assessment purchased exclusively for, and tailored to, the UE community. e-CHUG provides personalized feedback about an individual’s drinking patterns and risks, as well as resources available on campus and in the community. Additionally, ULifeline is offered as an online resource proving students with information about mental health issues, an anonymous mental health screening tool, and resources for learning more and getting help.

Students also may use the services of the Crayton E. and Ellen Mann Health Center, staffed by three licensed registered nurses and a part-time physician. Services provided are basic first aid, medications, and treatment for minor illnesses.

To encourage all members of the campus community to make healthy lifestyle choices, the University of Evansville participates in the local Upgrade initiative, led by the Welborn Baptist Foundation. This movement encourages people to make a big impact on their health by making small lifestyle changes, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and choosing a water bottle over a can of soda.

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Second Floor, Ridgway University Center