World Class Results

UE students receive a personalized education rich with experiential learning opportunities to prepare them for today’s globalized world. They learn from industry leaders and award-winning experts who work to expand the worldview of our students through challenging course work, engaging projects, international field work, study abroad opportunities, and more.

View the stories below about members of our faculty who go above and beyond to provide personal attention and meaningful experiences to future world leaders.

Adam Anthony

Adam Anthony '17

Major: Communication
Allie Arguello

Allie Arguello '16

Major: Biology
Candice Reed

Candice Reed '17

Major: Psychology, Criminal Justice
Chace Avery

Chace Avery '19

Major: Biochemistry, Pre-med
Josh Baty

Josh Baty '18

Major: Biology
Dalton Bosze

Dalton Bosze '16

Major: History and Political Science
Danielle Broxon

Danielle Broxon '12

Major: Psychology
Kristen Buhrmann

Kristen Buhrmann '16

Major: Communication
Cherese Butler

Cherese Butler '16

Major: Communication
Marks Cannon

Marks Cannon '18

Major: Global Business
Tsz Chan

Tsz Hei Fatima Chan '12

Major: Music Therapy, Performance, Violin
Sarah Cheatham

Sarah Cheatham '16

Major: Athletic Training
Joy Grace Chen

Joy Grace Chen '16

Major: Creative Writing
Stacey Chen

Stacey Chen ’19

Major: Athletic Training
Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark '18

Major: Chemistry, Pre-med
Elizabeth Collier

Elizabeth Collier

Major: Electrical Engineering and Spanish minor
Darwin Cordovilla

Darwin Cordovilla '15

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Physics
AJ Dick

AJ Dick ‘18

Majors: Physics and Mathematics
Tad Dickel

Tad Dickel '02

Major: Music Education
Sarah Dory

Sarah Dory '15

Major: Theatre Design and Electrical Engineering
Sarah Dufresne

Sarah Dufresne

Major: Neuroscience and Psychology
Kelsey Fields

Kelsey Fields '17

Major: Music Therapy
Susannah Frailey

Susannah Frailey '18

Major: Nursing
Kaitlin Gress

Kaitlin Gress '12

Major: Music Management
Abbi Hanson

Abbi Hanson '16

Major: Sociology (Anthropology)
Rachel Harder

Rachel Harder

Major: Exercise and Sport Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy
Olivia Hebert

Olivia Hebert '15

Major: Theatre
Jamin Heldt

Jamin Heldt '11

Major: Civil Engineering
Kelsey Hipp

Kelsey Hipp '14, '19

Major: Physician Assistant Science '19, Health Services Administration '14
Tommy Housman

Tommy Housman

Majors: Visual Communication and Graphic Design
Gabe James

Gabe James '18

Majors: Economics and Finance
Hannah Jaramillo

Hannah Jaramillo

Majors: Marketing and Management
Nathan Kabat

Nathan Kabat

Major: Electrical Engineering with Mathematics Minor
Anna Kalt

Anna Kalt

Major: Economics, Applied Mathematics, and Business Administration
Isaac Katzanek

Isaac Katzanek '11

Major: Theatre Design and Technology
Andrea Kendrick

Andrea Kendrick '10

Major: Archaeology
Lisa Kitchens

Lisa Kitchens '10

Major: Theatre Performance
Will Knights

Will Knights

Major: Marketing and Finance
Kaitlin Koenig

Kaitlin Koenig ‘16

Major: Global Business
Gretchen Kohl

Gretchen Kohl '15

Major: Economics, Business Administration, and Mathematics
Maggie Lawrence

Maggie Lawrence '16

Major: Biology
Matt Lundberg

Matt Lundberg '16

Majors: Political Science and International Studies
Sabrina Lux

Sabrina Lux '18

Major: Criminal Justice
Devin Machowiak

Devin Machowiak '16

Major: Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
Giulia Chaves Mallmann

Giulia Chaves Mallmann '19

Major: Sport Management
Holyn Marshall

Holyn Marshall

Major: Management
Dimi Elah Mayorga

Dimi Elah Mayorga

Major: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
Tessa McLinden

Tessa McLinden

Major: International Studies, Spanish, and Political Science
Evan Meiman

Evan Meiman '15

Major: Neuroscience
Emily Mella

Emily Mella '13

Major: Archaeology, Art History, and International Studies
Wade Mobley

Wade Mobley '17

Major: Finance and Marketing
Suhrob Muratov

Suhrob Muratov '15

Major: Accounting and Economics
Ian A. Murrell

Ian A. Murrell '16

Major: Music Performance, Voice
Rachelle Noman

Rachelle Noman '03

Major: Music Therapy
Andrea Onyett

Andrea Onyett

Major: Professional Chemistry and Chemistry-Business Administration double major
Jacob Pence

Jacob Pence '07

Major: Music Performance, Voice
William Storm Poser

William Storm Poser

Major: Neuroscience, Psychology, and Biology
Matt Reed

Matt Reed '18

Major: Sports Communication
Daniel Robinson Jr.

Daniel Robinson Jr. '04

Major: Business Administration
Emily Rohr

Emily Rohr '18

Major: Biology
Jess Rollins

Jess Rollins

Major: Business Management and Marketing
Ghaith Safi

Ghaith Safi '17

Major: Finance and Economics
Morgan Saiko ’18

Morgan Saiko ’18

Major: Chemistry
Alex Schmitt

Alex Schmitt '16

Major: Spanish and Physics
Sammi Shuler

Sammi Shuler '18

Major: Civil Engineering, Spanish (minor)
Breianna Simpson

Breianna Simpson '15

Major: Nursing
Abby Smith

Abby Smith

Major: Chemistry
Justin Slattery

Justin Slattery '16

Major: Creative Writing, English, Philosophy
Mark Speckhard

Mark Speckhard '16

Major: Public Health
Eric Stoessel

Eric Stoessel '15

Major: Public Health (BS)
Aaron Straight

Aaron Straight

Major: Chemistry
Hassan Taki Eddin

Hassan Taki Eddin '17

Major: Accounting and Finance
Ariana Tanoos

Ariana Tanoos '14

Major: Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies
Haley Vos

Haley Vos

Major: Physician Assistant
Natalie Walsh

Natalie Walsh

Major: Biology
Jessa Ward

Jessa Ward

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Zachariah Wargel

Zachariah Wargel

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Brooke Wininger

Brooke Wininger

Major: Biology and Pre-medicine
Tyler Wintermute

Tyler Wintermute

Majors: Environmental Science, Applied Biology, and Chemistry triple-major

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