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“The faculty members at UE are the best because they are not just very knowledgeable professors but also mentors and friends.”

Abbi Hanson

Class of 2016
Major: Sociology (Anthropology)

The Path Less Traveled

Though Abbi wasn’t decided on attending UE, it was a visit to campus that made her realize how special a place it really is. After visiting UE, no other college had quite the same appeal. During her visit, Abbi met Dr. James Berry, associate professor of anthropology, and thought about how cool it would be to have him as a professor. “I took a chance on something new and went on the path less traveled,” said Abbi. “The faculty members at UE are the best because they are not just very knowledgeable professors but also mentors and friends.”

Maintaining a Balance

“Maintaining a balance is hard since there are so many things to be involved in,” said Abbi. She jumped at the first opportunity to tell people about why she loves this school so much by becoming an Admission Ambassador. Also, seeing the alumni relations aspect of the UE community let Abbi understand the lifelong dedication after college.

Have an Impact on the Community

Volunteering at the city of Evansville’s annual Fall Festival in different booths and participating in community service projects through the UE Leadership Academy have been great ways to impact the local community in a big way. Abbi also volunteered at “Family Fun Day” at a homeless shelter, giving families in Evansville the chance to have some fun together.

Unexpected Connections

When Abbi participated in UE’s annual Phonathon, she got to know Liz Riffert, an assistant director in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations. Liz encouraged Abbi to consider a career in development at a university. She also reached out to Abbi about an internship opportunity for the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations last spring. Through the help of Dr. Mari Plikuhn, assistant professor of sociology, Abbi was able to earn class credit for the internship. Dr. Plikuhn has pushed Abbi to be immersed in her major and encouraged her to attend various conferences throughout her college career.

Take an Adventure

Abbi encourages students to get involved and make strong connections. “Take this experience as an adventure! Make what you’re a part of represent who you are.

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