Destination UE

Gaining Confidence through Hands-On Experiences

“After being abroad twice, my confidence skyrocketed, and now I feel I can go anywhere and survive.”

Alex Schmitt

Class of 2016
Major: Physics and Spanish

Pursuing his dream

Alex Schmitt earned his bachelor’s degrees in physics and Spanish from UE in 2016. Now a photovoltaic specialist at Morton Solar, LLC, he designs solar panel installations for houses, businesses, and utilities. He determines project profitability and orders job materials. Alex has helped install systems and acted as crew foreman for one of the company’s larger installs.

“My dream job is to develop technology that makes solar panels or batteries more efficient and powerful,” said Alex. “I want to revolutionize how we view, create, and use energy.”

Gaining the skills for success

Alex credits UE with giving him the self-confidence and leadership skills that he uses today in his career and in life.

The University’s Center for Innovation and Change and its ChangeLab program, he explained, helped him develop professional skills while learning about energy.

“Interactions with clients for the class closely resembled those at my job now. My current job flowed directly out of that experience.”

A transformational experience

One of his most transformational out-of-classroom UE experiences was studying abroad.

Alex said there is nothing like it for learning about yourself.

“After being abroad twice, my confidence skyrocketed, and now I feel I can go anywhere and survive.”

He also gained leadership and event planning experience through involvement in student organizations such as Venturing Crew and International Club.

Finding the university that’s right for you

Alex visited UE five times before deciding that it was right for him. Deciding factors included a great campus atmosphere, students who seemed happy that they had chosen to go to UE, and a generous scholarship that made UE more affordable than a public university.

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