Destination UE

Gaining Confidence Through Hands-On Experiences

“After being abroad twice, my confidence has skyrocketed and I feel I can go anywhere in the US or the world and somehow survive.”

Alex Schmitt

Class of 2016
Major: Spanish and Physics

Scholarship Benefits

Alex visited UE five different times before finally accepting. Every single time he was on campus, he loved the atmosphere and the feel. Everyone seemed genuinely happy and glad that they choose UE. He also received a generous scholarship to help make attending UE even more affordable than attending a public university.

Being an Effective Leader

As the president of Venturing Crew, a student organization, and the executive board member of International Club, Alex has gotten a lot of real-life leadership and event planning experiences. Through these opportunities, he has become a more effective communicator and has learned how to be an effective team member. Alex also gained experience as a physics lab assistant, SI instructor for math, and tutor for Spanish.

Alex’s most transformational out-of-classroom opportunity was studying abroad. “There is no experience that could compare to what you learn in general, but more importantly about yourself,” he said. “After being abroad twice, my confidence has skyrocketed and I feel I can go anywhere in the US or the world and somehow survive.” He learned that the skills he developed while studying and traveling abroad can be applied at home as well as in other countries.

Plenty of Faculty Advice

Alex has a variety of faculty members who inspire him. Megan Sicard, assistant director of cultural engagement and international services, showed him the benefits of yoga and guided him as an RA. Megan also was a staff advisor for the International Club. Dr. John Stamm, a physics professor, guiding him through the undergrad experience and imparted valuable advice about how to search and apply for graduate school.

Go Beyond the Normal Visit

Alex’s experience at UE has taught him a lot, and he has some advice for anyone who is searching for the right college. He says, “Visit the college or colleges you are interested in and see how the campus feels. Try to go beyond the normal visit and see what life is like for the students.”

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