Destination UE

Big Campus Benefits with A Small Campus Feels

“When I was visiting campuses, Evansville felt the most like a home away from home.”

Dalton Boszé

Class of 2016
Canfield, Ohio
Majors: History and Political Science

Finding UE

Dalton Boszé came to the University of Evansville looking for a school with committed professors and a relatively small student body. He sat in on a few classes and met with professors, seeing firsthand how committed they were when it came to teaching. “I was impressed with their abilities to make the classroom more than people in chairs.” Dalton wanted a school that was a home away from home, and he found it at UE.

Big Campus Benefits at a Small Campus

Although UE’s not a big school, it still provided the same benefits that are offered at any other larger university, all while maintaining a close-knit community on the campus. It was in this environment that Dalton thrived. “There is a feeling of comfort being in a small student body that is within a larger city community that cares and contributes to the university,” said Dalton. Being part of a close-knit campus included the relationships among students and professors, which Dalton experienced to the fullest.

Dalton played trumpet in the UE Wind Ensemble. Although he wasn’t a music major, he received the same guidance that Dr. Tim Zifer, professor of music, provided for music students in his studio. Even the maintenance workers have made a positive impact on Dalton’s UE experience, like Russell. “Everyday we’ve made sure to at least ask how we’re doing when we see each other.” And Donny, who happens to be the faculty advisor to TKE, always had a friendly hello for students.

Worthwhile Connections

Dalton made a connection with everyone on campus, and he felt that these connections helped make the experience more worthwhile. “I try to connect with everyone because that helps make me a better, more open, and informed person.” Because of these connections, Dalton encouraged others looking for a college to pick a place that feels like a good home. Get involved in activities that will help you reach your full potential. “Being comfortable with yourself, relaxed, and willing to be open will make building friendships easier.”

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