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A Passion for the Classroom

“This is a delightful place to teach – and it must be a delightful place to be a student.”

Daniel Gahan, PhD

Professor of History

A Worldwide Education

Dr. Daniel Gahan joined the faculty at UE in 1986. Prior to that he served as a research assistant and instructor at the University of Kansas where he had completed his PhD work a year earlier. He holds a master’s degree from Loyola University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree from the National University of Ireland (Maynooth College). He was born in England, spent his early life in Ireland, and came to the United States 1977.

Studying History for the Future

Gahan’s interest in the field of history focuses primarily on Europe (particularly Ireland) in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with a special emphasis on the years of the French Revolution. His research has dealt largely with Irish agrarian history and the Rebellion of 1798. Most of his publications, which include two books, deal with those subjects. His interest in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries also includes American history in this period, especially American agrarian history and the larger theme of Irish immigration. His courses have sprung primarily from those interests, although his favorite course has always been the introductory course on the modern world (i.e. since 1500).

A Passion for the Classroom

Gahan loves his research field, but his first priority – and greatest satisfaction – has come from his teaching. He is convinced that the students who come to UE are one of a kind. He sees them as considerate, generous, thoughtful, and hard working. “When I was hired in the spring of 1986, I told the department chair that I would stay for two years before moving on to another, probably bigger, institution.” And he fully intended to fulfill that promise to the letter (i.e. leave after two years). But now, here he is, some 30 years later! Why? His answer to that is always the same: “This is a delightful place to teach – and it must be a delightful place to be a student.”

An Academic Home and a Wonderful Community

To Daniel Gahan, “UE is home, because it is a wonderful academic institution, but also because it is a wonderful community.” For him, it provides the greatest opportunity anyone could possibly have: the chance to work with young people at the most marvelously exciting time in their lives, i.e. the time when they are readying themselves for the journey of adult life.

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