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Danielle Broxon

Class of 2012
Major: Psychology

Individual attention

University of Evansville alumna Danielle Raymond Broxon says that it was the personal attention she received from her psychology professors that prepared her to go straight into graduate school after earning her bachelor’s degree. Danielle is now enrolled in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Case Western Reserve University.

She credited two professors in particular for readying her for post-graduate work – John Felton, assistant professor of psychology, and Mark Kopta, professor of psychology.

Felton’s teaching style and sharing of his experiences as a clinician was a huge influence on Danielle.

In addition, he guided her through admission into graduate school and advised her on what she could expect as a professional in the field of psychology.

Invaluable experience

Kopta gave her the opportunity to serve as a research assistant for his research group, working with clinical psychology professionals and presenting scholarly papers at national conferences. She also coauthored published articles in clinical psychology journals, one of which received an award. All of this helped her to be admitted to the doctoral program.

“Working with Dr. Kopta was invaluable,” said Danielle. “He had high expectations and expected me to perform tasks independently and in a timely matter. These are skills necessary for success in graduate school.”

Important life lessons

Felton, Kopta and the other psychology faculty members also taught her another important, nonacademic lesson – the value of a good work-life balance.

“They live lives that show that you don’t have to live in a lab to be a successful academic or clinician,” said Danielle. “I have carried that into my graduate work and it has allowed me to make time for my personal life in the midst of a busy graduate school career.”

Meaningful, life-long relationships

When Danielle was considering universities for her undergraduate degree, she knew she didn't want to be just another student in the classroom. That was why she chose the University of Evansville.

“I loved the close community at UE and how much interaction there was between faculty and students. I knew it was a place where I could forge meaningful relationships. That worked out pretty well. I met my husband there!”

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