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“I felt that I was accepted the moment I stepped on campus.”

Devin Machowiak

Class of 2016
Major: Sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice

A close community

Dev Machowiak fell in love with UE on her first visit to campus. Looking back, she recalled how she immediately loved its small school atmosphere and feeling of a close community.

“I felt that I was accepted the moment I stepped on campus,” she said.

A valuable mentorship

One person in particular who made her feel welcome was UE professor of sociology James Berry.

“He already knew my name. He was genuinely interested in getting to know me and what my goals and expectations for college were. I knew that I wouldn't be able to have that kind of relationship with professors at any other school,” she said.

Berry became not only her academic advisor but also her mentor. Currently she is his teaching assistant, and he has given her tips on how to lecture effectively and engage students in class.

“He's really helped me get on their level and helped me remember that they haven't been studying anthropology for three years like I have.”

Testing theories in the real world

While at UE, Dev has been able to take advantage of an internship in her field of study, as a legal advocate at the Albion Fellows Bacon Center. The internship turned into a job as a crisis intervention counselor, which then became a full-time position as a victim support specialist. She was excited to apply theories that she had learned in class to real life situations.

“My understanding of why women stay in abusive relationships was critical to the work that I was doing there. I feel like I've gained a lot of appreciation both for my own life and for the people that do this every day. It's emotionally draining work.”

UE can make it happen

Dev said she would recommend UE to anyone. The advantages, she explained, are “its small campus and the interaction you can have with your professors. There are all kinds of activities that you can get involved with, including Greek life. There's something here for everyone. Whether it's academics, extracurricular activities, travel, or leadership opportunities, UE can make it happen.”

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