Destination UE

Growing Up, Not Growing Away

“I hit so many road blocks…but they all changed my course in ways that I think were for the better.”

Dimi Elah Mayorga

Major: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Stepping Out of Her Comfort Zone

Dimi Mayorga was not afraid of going to school halfway across the country from her home. As a matter of fact, she says the distance provided her with a great opportunity to grow up and experience a lot of the things that she wouldn’t get at home.

She was also drawn to UE because of its small size, since this UE’s overall population is smaller than her high school.

Greek Community Support

The Greek life community on campus has helped Dimi in various ways. It exposed her to more community service opportunities as well as to other people who went through a lot of similar changes and challenges that she did.

When Dimi had to retake a course that she did not pass her freshman year, she began to doubt some of her academic choices. But, thankfully, there were several people in her newfound Greek family who were able to offer really great advice and support her through many of the challenges she endured.

Great Connections

Dimi has also made some great connections outside of her circle of friends and peers. Her sorority’s advisor, Nancy Roberts, has been a great mentor. She has always been so kind and a great role model for staying involved and is passionate about what she does.

Geoff Edwards, director of student engagement, has also been a great connection. He works very hard and covers a lot on this campus. Dimi has worked with Geoff through several different organizations, and while she still has more to learn, she has been exposed to different kinds of leadership and has developed great leadership skills as a result.

Growing Up, Not Growing Away

“Wherever you go, go somewhere with the intention of growing up, not growing away,” said Dimi. “I think that was part of my overall success of going to school so far. I knew I needed to be more functionally independent from my parents, and going to school farther was going to help with that.”

She also encourages students to keep working through the hard times. “Try not to get discouraged when things fall apart. Getting upset is fine, as long as you try to move past it. I hit so many road blocks, mostly due to faults of my own, but they all changed my course in ways that I think were for the better.”

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