Destination UE

Making Valuable Connections in Evansville and Beyond

“You should find a school where you feel at home.”

Elizabeth Collier

Indianapolis, IN
Major: Electrical engineering, Spanish minor

The Full College Experience

When searching for a university, one should consider all aspects of the college experience. Educational opportunities in and out of the classroom, the ability to engage with encouraging professors, the chance to make friends through groups and organizations, and, of course, a challenging and valuable education. Elizabeth Collier found a place to experience all of these and more at the University of Evansville.

Making Valuable Connections

Elizabeth, an electrical engineering and Spanish major from Indianapolis, chose UE for many reasons. “I loved the atmosphere of the university, and the small class sizes, and the people,” explained Elizabeth.

Small class sizes give students the ability to connect with their fellow students and their professors. “I feel like I connect with most any group on campus,” said Elizabeth. This includes her professors, like the late Dr. Phil Gerhart, former dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and her First-Year Seminar professor. “I really enjoyed Dr. Gerhart’s class and have maintained that connection through engineering,” explained Elizabeth.

Another great connection Elizabeth has made is with Vicky Hasenour, resident director of UE Engineering OPTIONS, which is a set of mini-courses that feature lectures and labs for middle and high school participants. “She’s like a mentor to me through OPTIONS,” she said. “She’s always there to talk when I need it the most.”

Even when Elizabeth felt that she didn’t perform up to par on a mathematics final, she still benefitted from the class. “I didn’t do as well as I could have in Dr. Dwyer’s class [Dave Dwyer, chair and professor of mathematics]. I still really learned so much from his teaching and gained some confidence in math.”

Unique Education

There are many characteristics that make UE such a unique school, but for Elizabeth it was the atmosphere of the campus. “Everyone is so friendly and willing to help me succeed.”

Elizabeth also had an incredible study abroad experience at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. “Harlaxton was the best experience of my life!” It is because of this connection with UE that Elizabeth advises that future applicants go with their gut. “You made the best logical decision when you applied to college, but it’s where you feel most at home that’s the best choice for you.”

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