Destination UE

Making Strong Relationships

“The support that I’ve gotten coming back to UE has been incredible. My colleagues really care about my success.”

Erin Lewis

Program Director for the Center for Innovation and Change

Coming Back Better than Ever

Erin Lewis earned degrees in political science and psychology at UE, and now she is program director for the Center for Innovation and Change. The main purpose for Lewis coming back to UE is the ChangeLab program. She has a passion for civic education and teaching students how to solve problems in their community.

Building an Impressive Résumé

Some other career fields Lewis has experienced is the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, Center for Law and Civic Education in Indianapolis, and iCivics Inc. located in Washington, D.C. and San Antonio, Texas. Throughout those different experiences, Erin says there is one element that is consistent: civic duty. These opportunities gave Lewis the chance to serve her country and get involved with public affairs.

Appreciate Faculty Who Stand by You

Someone who encouraged Lewis as a student and watched her grow is Dr. Wesley Milner, executive director of international programs. As a student she struggled and did not take her studies seriously, but he brought her back to reality. According to Lewis, he has a sense of humor, makes honest discussion, but certainly holds high standards, a quality she appreciates the most. Milner embodies what makes UE faculty so special. It is impressive how he can get students engaged with current events and what issues surround them.

Make Strong Relationships

“Relationships are key. Recognize the resource that you have in the faculty here. You will be so busy and so involved with internships, jobs, and graduate school. Professors and the relationships I made with them have steered me here.”

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