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More Than Just a Number

“I have friends that go to larger schools, and they are shocked by the close relationships I have developed with some of the professors here.”

Evan Meiman

Class of 2015
Major: Neuroscience

The UE Difference

UE doesn’t treat you like a number. UE treats you like a person.

Evan Meiman, a student in UE’s neuroscience program, efficiently summed up how the University of Evansville differs from other schools: “UE welcomes its students with open arms, engages its students with exciting and challenging opportunities, and treats its students like students and not statistics.”

From the moment Evan stepped onto campus, he was overwhelmed by the attentiveness and friendliness of UE personnel. “The individual attention I have received here is unparalleled,” Evan said. “Not only were the professors available for any questions or concerns I had, but the staff and administrators were also there to help as well.” Evan was blown away by the thoughtful responses by every member of the staff, and he wasn’t the only one. “I have friends that go to larger schools, and they are shocked by the close relationships I have developed with some of the professors here.”

The Real Student Experience

One such relationship is the one Evan forged with Lora Becker, PhD, associate professor of psychology and director of the neuroscience program. Becker brings an energy and enthusiasm into everything she does. “Dr. Becker has been absolutely fantastic,” Evan said. “I have had the pleasure of taking several courses with her, and it was always my favorite class of the semester.”

While there are many reasons why Evan loved Becker’s classes, what really stood out to him was her method of presentation. Neuroscience is not necessarily an easy class, but Becker conveyed the material in such an energetic way that helped her students learn the information more quickly. No matter how many times she had to explain it. “She had no problem with going over material again until everyone in the class understood it.”

Evan not only enjoyed being in Becker’s class, but he also had the opportunity to work with her in a research grant with Mead Johnson Nutrition. For this grant, Evan and Becker worked in the rat lab to test the developmental advantages of a compound on rats. Evan was involved in every step of the process, from writing the grant, to testing the animals, and analyzing the data. He was also able to take part in presenting the research at a conference in Washington, D.C.

Keeping up the Momentum

In addition to the lessons learned and the experience earned, Evan was also involved in many extracurricular groups. He was the president, secretary, and member educator of Lambda Chi Alpha. He was also involved in Admission Ambassadors, College Mentors for Kids, Nu Rho Psi (the National Honor Society in Neuroscience), CNS Research Group, National Society of Leadership and Success, Academic Fund Board, and the Commencement Committee.

Needless to say, Evan was incredibly active during his time at UE and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. “Immediately after graduation, I will do a year of service through AmeriCorps. Then, I plan to go to medical school so I can eventually practice medicine.”

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