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“…I’m able to give each student individual attention and personally see each one grow and progress…”

Jeffrey Braun, PhD

Professor of Physics

Since 1984, professor of physics, Jeffrey Braun, PhD, has enriched the lives of UE students through personal attention and hands-on learning opportunities in the field of physics.

In recent years, Braun has invited students to participate in research focused around the quantum mechanical behavior of photons. One student in particular, Darwin Cordovilla, was able to use his experience at UE to land a high level summer research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cordovilla’s studies of photon behavior, correlation, entanglement, and other issues here at UE equipped him with a strong base of knowledge for the research at MIT and allowed him to easily build upon his findings.

Cordovilla speaks highly of Braun in return. "I dare to say that he has inspired me to want to pursue physics as a career. His patience and incredible dominance of physics have inspired me to take almost all courses he teaches at UE," he says.

UE's Department of Physics is full of student and alumni success stories like Cordovilla's, but Braun says it's more than just the hands-on learning opportunities that sets this program apart from the crowd.

"At most schools, students interested in physics are sent off on a general undergraduate path focused on pre-engineering," he says. "At UE, we're able to offer undergrads an intense, rigorous physics education that better prepares them for graduate school. In fact, 95 percent of our physics majors go on to graduate school from here."

Braun says his favorite part about teaching is seeing that “aha” moment in a student’s eyes when working out a difficult problem or project.

"I went into teaching to share with other people the fun and excitement I found in learning physics, and I’ve found the perfect fit at UE,” he says. “It’s a small school focused on teaching where I’m able to give each student individual attention and personally see each one grow and progress during their time here."

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