Destination UE

Learning Through Firsthand Experience

“When I first met my professors, I could tell they were genuinely intent on promoting my interests and seeing me succeed.”

Jess Rollins

Evansville, Indiana
Major: Business Management and Marketing

Visiting Seals the Deal

Having lived in Evansville her whole life, Jess Rollins was intent on attending college somewhere else. But that was before she visited UE during Road Trip.

“That weekend pretty much sealed the deal for me. Everyone I met was so great, and the campus is so lovely.” And even though her family lives only a few blocks from campus, Jess has lived on-campus during her time here.

“It makes a huge difference to be more closely connected to what’s going on and experience the full college experience!” Jess served as vice president of her sorority, worked as a Business School Ambassador, was entertainment chair for the Student Activities Board, helps new students get better acquainted with campus as an orientation leader, and of course, she studied abroad at Harlaxton College.

Small Size, Big Impact

As the first member of her family to go to college, Jess was apprehensive that she would get lost in the crowd at a larger school, so UE’s small size and tight-knit community made perfect sense for her. “When I first met my professors, I could tell they were genuinely intent on promoting my interests and seeing me succeed.”

Her favorite professor is Yolanda Obaze, assistant professor of management, who has worked closely with Jess as she learned about logistics and supply chain management. “Jess brings great joy, motivation, and initiative to the classroom,” said Obaze. “She shows a great ability to think fast on her feet, and shows good communication, organization, and leadership skills – all skill sets that play a major role in the LSCM setting.”

Jess puts those skills to work at her internship at Accuride Corporation, a multinational company headquartered in Evansville.

Learning Through Firsthand Experience

As an intern in a fast-paced environment, Jess may not have been able to have a hand in every aspect of the day-to-day operations, but she found ways to stay in close contact with her supervisors in order to learn from their expertise.

“It’s very cool to be in an actual corporate setting for the first time. Getting to know my co-workers has been a blast, and the networking opportunities are incredible.” Jess has made invaluable contacts who are serving as professional references for her. “Even though it can be intimidating at times, it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and get to know these professionals who could actually help you get a job and be successful.

Through experiences such as touring the corporation’s large manufacturing plant and conversations with her supervisors and co-workers, Jess learned a lot about what goes into logistics and supply chain management. “I’m blown away by all that I’ve learned in just a few short months.”

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