Destination UE

Opportunities Around Every Corner

“UE is a close-knit community where academics are really important.”

Kristen Buhrmann

Class of 2016
Major: Communication

What’s So Different About UE?

UE is a small and welcoming campus with a foundation of strong academics. Kristen Buhrmann, a senior at UE, easily identified the three elements that set UE apart from other colleges. Since the moment she walked onto campus, Kristen felt safe, happy, and welcomed into a new family. “It felt like home!” she said. Perhaps what helps make the campus feel so welcoming was Kristen’s participation in the various organizations on campus. She jumped at the chance to get involved and took advantage of every opportunity. “I help keep a lot of organizations active and moving forward by giving them my all!”

Opportunities Around Every Corner

“AcesTV, WUEV, Greek Life, the communication department, my practicum and internships.” The list of groups and organizations that Kristen is involved in never seemed to end, but she didn’t mind being busy. “I’ve probably learned just as much in all of these as I have in the classroom!”

Through Kristen’s experience on campus, she’s had many chances to get close with the staff and mentors in those programs. Tom Benson, assistant athletic director and producer of Purple Aces Productions, made an especially positive effect on Kristen’s UE experience. Benson provided guidance both academically and professionally and Kristen felt stronger after working with him. “Not only have I learned practical skills,” she said. “But he has also served as a mentor as I pave out my professional career.”

Some Helpful Advice

To all students who are in the process of choosing a college or university Kristen would encourage them to think about the size of the campus and what they want most out of their college years. This is what helped Kristen make her decision. “UE is a close-knit community where academics are really important.”

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