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Living Outside the Comfort Zone

"Take advantage of the time you have in school to grow, not just in your program but as a person."

Lisa Kitchens

Class of 2010
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance

Taking a Second Look

Lisa currently lives in New York and travels around the country for work. Originally, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to UE because her sister went there. Nevertheless, she auditioned for UE as well as a number of other schools at a big festival.

It wasn’t long before UE won her over, though. Lisa was impressed with UE’s curriculum, production values, study abroad program, and community. She never regretted her decision, and said she’s glad she gave UE a second look.

Strong Connections

One of Lisa’s strongest passions was her love for the productions. Particularly, she loved the Horton Foote plays she worked on. Lisa was fortunate enough to do three of them during her time at UE, beginning her freshman year with 1918. She worked with the guest director, Eric Nightengale. “This process was so formative for me as a young actor,” she said. “It demanded things of me that I didn’t know I was capable of, and it led to lasting relationships.” Lisa recently did a play in New York with Eric that she knows she would not have been involved in had she not worked on 1918 with him 10 years before.

Find the Joy

For advice to future theatre students, Lisa said “Always look for the joy in the work – don’t take it too seriously. And take advantage of the time you have in school to grow, not just in your program but as a person.”

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