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Assessing mental health in 90 seconds

“I enjoy mentoring and teaching UE’s undergraduate students at a personal level...”

Mark Kopta, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Mark Kopta, PhD, HSPP is a leading expert in behavioral health assessment and psychotherapy research. Kopta is also Founder and Executive Director of the CelestHealth Research Group which has research centers at the following universities: Johns Hopkins University, Marquette University, University of Denver, and University of Trier, Germany. Kopta's research and comments have been featured among the popular media, including, ABC News, Associated Press, and USA Today. In 2014, CelestHealth was awarded a contract by the US Department of Defense to provide the military’s several hundred primary care medical centers with Kopta’s computer-based CelestHealth System, which assesses mental health in only 90 seconds. At Johns Hopkins University, CelestHealth is now testing software developed by Kopta that assesses the effects of psychiatric medications.

Kopta’s research group uses UE undergraduate students as research assistants. Kopta says that "Our psychology majors get an outstanding opportunity to work with some of the most accomplished professionals in the field of clinical psychology. These UE students have presented scholarly papers at national conferences and coauthored published articles in clinical psychology’s finest journals."

An example of one student’s success is Danielle Raymond. Danielle was coauthor of an award-winning paper published in the Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, a top journal in the field of university student mental health. Along with Kopta, her coauthors included clinical directors from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Minnesota, and Marquette University. This achievement helped Danielle to be admitted to Case Western Reserve University’s clinical psychology doctoral program.

"UE is an excellent academic environment for me," says Kopta. "I have the great opportunity to create high level research projects. Yet, I enjoy mentoring and teaching UE’s undergraduate students at a personal level that might not be possible at a large state or private university."

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