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“It is all right to fall down here at UE because you will always have someone here to catch you.”

Marks Cannon

Class of 2018
Louisville, Kentucky
Major: Global Business

Part of a Second Family

Marks Cannon chose UE because it was one of the few schools with a fully developed major designed around the study of international business and commerce. “Growing up I always wanted to see the world and be able to experience all of these cultures that help make the world such an amazing place.” As a young adult, Marks also discovered that he really enjoyed fundraising, not for the fact of making money, but because he got to see how these little transactions helped him reach his goals. Marks began to wonder if the entire world worked like that.

During his junior and senior year of high school, Marks was asked what major he wanted to pursue. When he said international business, he didn’t know it was a real major. When Marks came to UE, he knew that he was going to be one of the only ones from his city to attend, but it didn’t really matter to him because when he stepped onto campus, he felt like he was part of a family. “I felt, and still feel, that the people here are not out there for themselves, but for the betterment of everyone as a whole.”

A Great Social Environment

Some of Marks’s best experiences on campus have come from interacting with people. From working the student organization fair to playing basketball in the fitness center, Marks has found a great social environment. In addition, he has helped put on major campus events like the annual Resident Student Association Halloween Bash and the winter carnival. Marks was selected to become a resident assistant during his sophomore year, and he said it has been a great way for him to grow as a person and help his campus through exciting and educational events such as playing Mario Kart with blurry goggles on. In addition to being a resident assistant, Marks was able to be the treasurer for the Student Activities Board, and he has enjoyed the high level of activity in joining an organization like this.

Developing Strong Intuition

Marks has enjoyed the small things that can be done such as volunteering at a community center or attending Evansville’s Fall Festival. Studying abroad was also a life-changing experience. During his sophomore year, Marks was able to travel to England and attend Harlaxton College, which he believes really shaped him become a better leader. While travelling abroad, he learned to handle situations for which he wasn’t fully prepared. For example, while riding a train in London, he missed a stop and suddenly found himself alone. By calmly reviewing his situation, he was able to find the help he needed. Situations like this helped Marks develop strong problem solving skills and become more confident in his intuition.

Accomplishing Tasks Better

At UE, Marks felt that the faculty really does care about him and how he is progressing in a class. “I have had a professor help me out several times even though sometimes it may have been an inconvenience for them.” One in particular is the diversity and equity officer, LaNeeça Williams. As a mentor for Marks, he knew that if he ever needed help understanding a situation whether academic or about life in general, she was there to help. “One piece of advice that she has taught me, and that I still use to this day, is to make a list of all the tasks I need to accomplish, then pick three of them, and make sure I accomplish at least those three tasks in that day.” This not only keeps Marks on track with life, but it gives him a positive look at it because when he completes those tasks, he has accomplished something.

Someone Will Support You Here

If Marks had the chance to tell a future student one piece of advice, he would say, “Be ready, because this is going to be one of the best experiences of your life.” Marks would also tell a future student “It is all right to fall down here at UE because you will always have someone to catch you. Someone will have your back, and trust me, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world to know that.”

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