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Civic Duties Await

“If you are looking for a small, liberal arts institution, UE is the place for you!”

Matt Lundberg

Class of 2016
Major: Political Science and International Studies

Civic Duties Await

Matt Lundberg is a senior political science and international studies student here at UE. From a young age, Matt was motivated about political science. In high school, he attended a conference focused on youth involvement and student government that got him involved in the legislative process. Matt also got the opportunity to listen to big-time politicians about what it means to be in government and was hooked. As far as the international aspect goes, he says everything is becoming more globalized, so having this background and being familiar with foreign policy is important. Matt applied to various institutions, but “My parents really liked the University of Evansville, and I’m an Eagle Scout so that helped with scholarships,” he explained. “An admission counselor checked it out with me, and the campus seemed like a family.”

Connect with the Elite

Last spring, Matt did an internship in Washington, DC, with a congressman from his home state, Missouri. This opportunity was a chance to see the inner workings of one of the top US policy making institutions and the House of Representatives. For Matt, this was mostly beneficial because his interests are primarily in US politics. Getting the chance to sit down and talk with leaders like John Boehner and other elite politicians is not something he expected to get in college. This internship gave Matt the chance to be immersed in everything he had learned about in school.

Cultural Exploration

Studying abroad at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, was a life-changing experience for Matt. He was able to see a different way of life in a different setting. Spending a semester abroad in England and taking trips to other European countries opened Matt’s eyes to global diversity in a way he could never have gotten in textbooks alone.

Mentor Relationships are Valuable

It was through Matt’s close relationship with Robert Dion, PhD, associate professor of political science, that he was able to intern in DC. Students learn and grow in Dr. Dion’s classes because he pushes them to do the best they possibly can. Without a personal relationship with professors, students won’t get that kind of opportunity. Another mentor to Matt is Dana Clayton, EdD, UE’s vice president for student affairs and dean of students. Matt says it is good to have someone who cares for the well-being of students as much as Dr. Clayton does. “I can just talk to her and be myself.”

Advice for Prospective Students

“If you are looking for a small, liberal arts institution, UE is the place for you! Come to campus, go through the entire school process, you’ll find out what’s different. Experience UE for a day, or go on Road Trip. See what we have to offer.”

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