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The UE Art Experience

“UE affords art students many incredible opportunities. They can attend Harlaxton College, complete undergraduate research, engage in service learning projects, and present their work at yearly art exhibits on campus.”

Ralph Larmann

Professor of Art

UE is the Place to Be

Ralph Larmann truly values his time spent here at University of Evansville. From the landscape to the class environment, UE feels like his home. He comments on how a simple walk across campus in the spring makes him happy. It’s not only the campus atmosphere that makes his career at UE so rewarding, it’s also the amazing people. Larmann’s students are engaged and attentive during class, which often brings lively discussion and involved questions during class. Outside of the lecture hall, students also spend many meaningful hours in the studio. He commends his colleagues on their remarkable work ethic and friendly nature. He says, “There is no one thing that I value above the rest. Everything from the warm, welcoming environment to the kind people make UE a great place.”

30 Years of Experience

Larmann has worked for colleges around the United States as well as in Grantham, England. Teaching in Arkansas, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Virginia, as well as at Harlaxton College in the United Kingdom have shaped him both as a person and as an instructor. His devotion to art has only grown over the years, and his passion for teaching continuously grows stronger with every new class of students. He comments, “I’ve taught in a lot of different environments – large schools, small schools, big cities, and small towns. I’ve taught students from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. Students are students and my experience has shown me that they are more alike than different and all have a common goal – to learn and succeed.”

UE Students Strive for Academic Excellence

“UE has an emphasis on academic excellence. Basically, the students know why they are here – to receive a quality education. While that is true to a degree at all the schools I’ve worked at, it is very evident at UE that there is an overall focus on academics.” Larmann’s students come to UE because they want to succeed. In fact, the majority of his students have graduated and gone on to do great things. His students have been accepted into graduate schools, started their own studios, received job placement at companies such as Louisville Pottery and Method Experience Design. It is rare that one of his students enters a career in a non-discipline field.

A Dedicated Space for Art Majors

The majority student projects are completed in the specialized studios for art instruction including ceramics, drawing, metalwork and jewelry, painting, photography, sculpture, visual communication design, and water color. He explains, “These studios serve one function: to help our students. Students work day and night in these studios, spending extra time on assignments outside of class.” As art is a time consuming discipline, students can really appreciate the functionality of these art studios. They know they have a dedicated space to work.

Teaching in a Non-Linear Way

Larmann teaches general education courses open to the entire student body. His curriculum focuses on immersion into art involving hands-on projects and application studies. He comments, “Students learn in a non-linear fashion. We all get new information from many different sources that we synthesize together to grasp new ideas. It’s similar to someone with no previous language skills being dropped into the middle of France. That person is in a position where they will learn French simply by being exposed to it in many different ways.” Larmann intentionally does not teach in chronological or methodical order with the expectation that his students will find the relationship between areas of study without a linear path. He also uses a mix of online and face-to-face instruction.

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