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“There are only 24 hours in the day, so you can’t have more or add more.”

Sarah Cheatham

Class of 2016
Major: Athletic Training

A Strong Love for UE

When considering UE, Sarah started looking at the neuroscience program since she was interested in exploring how minds work. She met Lora Becker, associate professor of psychology and director of the neuroscience program, and she liked what UE had to offer. But Sarah had some other talents that directed her to another career path. In high school, Sarah worked with the track, football, and basketball teams for athletic training. Her sister actually got injured, and seeing how far she came from a knee injury was impressive to Sarah.

For Sarah, the network of people at the University of Evansville was really valuable. “It’s great to have professors who care for you and who work really hard to help you achieve your dreams,” she said.

Leading with Her Peers

The Orientation Leaders program gave Sarah the best social networking connection possible. The program holds a big place in her heart. “Coming in as a freshman, I met my best friend in my small group.” These orientation leaders are essential to helping make the first week at the University of Evansville exciting and fun. Sarah’s favorite part of being an OL was helping freshmen realize UE is the right place for them.

“I wanted them to feel what I felt coming here: Love.” Seeing freshmen from Student Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR) come to Welcome Week and then return for their second semester was such a great feeling for the campus leader. Sarah said this leadership program gave her the opportunity to mentor freshmen and support them in succeeding in college.

Passion for Community Service

Sarah also had a passion for community service in the Evansville area. During Welcome Week, small groups work on various service projects in the community with orientation leaders. Sarah said the best part of this experience was that, “it takes you out of your element. You forget about the world outside. By working on these projects, we were able to show how much we want to give back to the community.”

An Easier Transition

A great mentor who has helped Sarah transition into college better is the dean of students, Dana Clayton, EdD. Sarah said that Clayton makes it her mission to welcome freshmen joyfully to UE. Seeing how humble and open hearted Dean Clayton was made an easier transition for Sarah.

Dean Clayton told Sarah once that she doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. “If I wasn't having a good day, it’s okay. Those who care about me will understand.”

Take Time to Explore

Some advice Sarah recommended for future UE students is to not shy away from getting to know new people – and to also have a planner. “There are only 24 hours in the day, and you can’t have more or add more.” Sarah also learned that students don’t need to feel like they are molded into one thing. “You are you, and you have all these characteristics that make you special. That’s the joy of going to college and discovering all of this.”

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